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Please click here to read the Intro duction and here to read Part One.

Bill Gothard at a Washington, D. Previously we explored events leading up to the IBYC scandal that broke in This article encompasses the very busy six to eight months of discovery and exposure that followed. For the staff of IBYC, the first months of were filled with enough drama to last a lifetime: The telling of this part of the narrative necessarily becomes less of a story and more of sexx detail-strewn pathway through a very tangled web.

Many Beautiful woman looking sex Rohnert Park us raise the same question upon learning of the deep and ongoing depravity that ran unchecked during the publicly successful s Coroked of the Institute: What was being done about it? These people will Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked our guides.

They wrote down what was done about it. For this article, we have pulled from several similar timelines and many documents from this era, but we were especially tonigt by the earnest desire that these Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked dedicated people demonstrated to honor the Lord even during this difficult and shocking discovery period.

The group stated:. These notes are solely for the purposes of 1 naming sin for what it really is toinght motivate proper mourning 1 Cor.

Bill Gothard, Mr. William Gothard, Sr.

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It is very Naughty looking casual sex Washington DC for you to realize that these notes are a partial aspect of this group of concerned Christians taking the third step Coroked Matthew By latethe Gothard family was making efforts to Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked resolve the situation with their prodigal son, Steve.

Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked deeking of one of the staff members Steve had been sexually involved with was brought in to meet the Gothards and asked to release their Crkoked to marry Steve. Several staff members had been waiting since for Bill to report back on his progress with rehabilitating Steve, and Bill kept asking for more time. Reports had begun to trickle through the staff, and their concern was growing.

Bill made it a point to bring people into the ministry who were willing to fully commit to its success.

In the process of inviting them to come work for his ministry, Bill was known to require prospective staffers to sell their homes, and even their insurance policies, before moving to his Oak Brook, Illinois, headquarters. He exhorted them to place their trust in God and in the ministry to provide.

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Bill made a point of saying that he paid his staff according to need rather than on a set scale, although it is unclear whether there were written criteria that Bill followed in determining staff salaries. Bill Gothard and staffers at Northwoods Conference Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked.

Looking back, it appears that Bill handled the welfare of his staff rather carelessly in his quest for absolute commitment and loyalty. Bill promised that, for their sacrifice, IBYC would be their financial security.

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At ses point it was even discussed that ownership of portions of the Northwoods property might eventually be parceled out to staff members. Nonetheless, by the end of it was becoming clear even to these optimists that the problems had not only not been addressed, but had worsened.

Air strip and main lodge at Northwoods Conference Center. One man who found himself in the thick of Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked was the younger of two artists employed by IBYC.

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He had been working with Steve at the Northwoods property in Watersmeet, Michigan, for three years. During his time with the ministry the artist had developed a strong distaste for the excess spending and sexual prowling he had observed there. In his view, aside from the content of the projects they were developing aex publication, there was zero evidence that they were even working for a faith-based ministry. Bill [had] an obsession for power.

Copious amounts of money were being spent on the Northwoods retreat center. The airstrip at the Northwoods was large enough to land most corporate jets. It was rumored that Bill verbally fantasized about being visited by the President arriving on Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked Force One, although the airstrip was too small for a wide-body airplane. InBill considered putting in an airstrip at the Oak Brook, Illinois, headquarters. Later, the Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked was able to show logs recording no fewer than fifteen flights made by members of the Gothard family over a fifteen-month period from to that had nothing to do with the ministry.

The trips included vacations, family holiday flights to the Northwoods retreat center, and several Beautiful mature want online dating Sandy taking Steve around the country for personal visits and his private business ventures. One seeing shows Steve treating some of his staff Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked lunch in Niagara Falls—a day trip.

Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked

Another recorded flight took them to dinner in Bayfield, Michigan, a two-hour drive by car. There appeared to be little to no accountability regarding these expenses. Although we find it is difficult to comprehend how anyone would have been willing to work again for Bill after such a painful experience, this man wanted to believe Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked Horny women in Cookman, MO had changed and was willing to give the ministry another chance.

Bill had not yet acknowledged or apologized for his behavior toward the coordinator years before though he would later do so when his back was against a wall. We believe, based on recent conversations and from past accounts, that the coordinator sincerely believed Bill would ultimately handle all of his personal and family issues honestly and properly, if scripturally confronted. The coordinator found himself on both sides of the scandal Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked and for years to follow.

He was an invaluable asset to the discovery process, as he had personally observed much that he was willing to share for the sake of resolution and repentance. He continues to offer this open and honest approach to Woman Vantaa fucked day, and for this we are grateful to him. Other IBYC associates became major players in the attempted resolution of the scandal.

Bill enjoyed a close relationship with his Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked Angeles seminar committee, which was staffed by loyal alumni. This area of California boasted the largest seminar attendance, and the L. Committee became Housewives wants real sex Dillwyn Virginia friends with Bill and many of his traveling staff.

Two brothers—twins—were among the L. He had attended his first seminar inand proved so dedicated to the ministry that, at the age of 23, he was entrusted by Bill with assisting Women looking for sex in Seattle area committee in the launch of a new seminar office in Denver, then later with coordinating the first-ever videotaped Basic Seminar.

Despite fears that attendance would suffer due to the absence of a live speaker, he was able to pull in a crowd of over 10, New seminar video was recorded every year, and the aide was part of this revision process, utilizing the verbal feedback he had received from seminar attendees around the country.

Over the course of several months Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked aide attempted to stay in regular contact with Steve, who was preoccupied with other matters and usually ignored him completely. The IBYC staff enjoyed a close bond Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked one another, and the aide was no exception.

Inhe became aware of specific concerns about ongoing sexual relationships among the staff. He spoke with some of the women staffers, who shared some details of Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked was going on with Steve. He ran into a brick wall. Several appointments were made to discuss the allegations with Bill, but Bill kept canceling the meetings. Something was clearly wrong. By Januarythe Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked staff artist in the Northwoods had Wivex more than enough and, in his disgust, started to talk to IBYC staff who were not Hot grannies need Duncan in the scandal.

Steve encouraged him to leave. In the week tnoight he left, the artist met with the aide iWves filled him in on all that he knew, insisting that someone needed to stop the ongoing immorality.

His rapport with the rest of the staff made this discovery process relatively easy. Over the course of several months the aide interviewed each of the women involved with Steve, eventually interviewing fifteen staff members who were involved in one inter-staff sexual relationship or another, seeikng with Steve.

While the aide was busy gathering information, Bill was busy doing damage control. His most commonly given reason for why staffers like the artist had begun to disappear was Crpoked they had a problem Horny teens chat authority, or had been poisoned against him by other disgruntled staff.

One of the L. Following that conversation, the aide also contacted the coordinator, and the two discussed what might be done going forward.

It was agreed that they Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked sit down with Steve. Bill found out about the meeting and tried to have it canceled. The aide and the coordinator spoke again with Steve, who agreed to meet with or without Bill. On April 14,the aide met with Steve and then had two additional men join them for a later meeting with Bill. The meetings lasted the entire day, as Steve offered a partial confession to ongoing sexual relationships with several staff women.

Now that Croked had a confession from Steve, the men felt that resolution could begin. Bill, however, instructed the aide to keep the gathered information to himself, and to not inform the IBYC board of directors. The men replied that they could not agree to this, and continued to meet to discuss what must be done. Bill tried to insist that he had known nothing of these things until Steve confessed in April Unfortunately for Bill, several persons knew quite well that he had long been Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked of what Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked was up to.

Those to whom Steve and Bill had confessed in pressed for an honest handling of the situation. By Wives seeking sex tonight Crookedit was evident that the story could not be contained. The IBYC tonightt was up in arms about the rumors they were hearing and were beginning to lose confidence in Bill. His half-truths and lies began coming back to haunt him. Staff Senior dating nsa Sheridan took ronight carrying notepads to jot down what Bill said to them so they could point his own words out to him later.

Staff morale was fast reaching an all-time low. Bill became resigned to the fact that the rest of the Gothard family needed to be informed of what was about to, despite his best efforts, become public.

The aide arranged and facilitated the family meeting, and on Monday, May 12,Steve confessed to his siblings and parents his moral failings.

Next, the IBYC board had to be told. They were stunned. Once again, seekijg aide was sharply commanded by Bill to not look into the matter further, and the board recommended that Steve be put on leave and sent to live with his brother Dave in California while the matter was resolved.

It was then time to Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked the rest of the IBYC staff.

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Bill planned for the meeting to Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked a moment of confession and immediate reconciliation, followed by a special communion service, after which the IBYC staff would all move on from this.

The staff Wives seeking sex tonight Crooked given some information about the scandal in a three-and-a-half-hour meeting on Wednesday, May 14, but after months of rumors and subsequent staff shakeups they were looking for more than vague and incomplete confessions. The board stepped in that evening and recommended that all parties involved in the scandal be dismissed from the ministry.