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Fiction has to make sense.

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Sometimes it takes genuine injustice to put things in perspective. Nobody likes having their money held hostage.

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But, again, perspective has humbled my rage about the incident. So begins the story of Marine Staff Sergeant Brandon Parsons and his role in one of the most baffling legal debacles in the history paternity cases. This payment, broken down, Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff up approximately one-third of lookong current salary.

Their first sexual encounter was, according to court documents, on April 5, SSgt Brandon Parsons and his current wife.

Seventeen days later, Crystal announced to Brandon that she was pregnant. What both Brandon and the court now know is that Crystal Domenech Parsons had been engaged in numerous sexual affairs while he was on deployment and, consequently, the child that Brandon raised—under the assumption he was legitimately the father—was indeed that of another Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff.

Crystal Parsons refuses to name Naked woman in Ellerslie Maryland true identity of the biological father to this day.

Moreover, it was both alleged by Parsons and believed by the court that Crystal chose to sleep with then-Corporal Sergwant purely to cover up her previous sexual encounters and pin the pregnancy on him, therefore having access to his military benefits.

Within the month, Parsons had confirmed through an over-the-counter test by Identigene that Sergwant child he had been raising for four and a half years was not his. I broke down and the Marines around me just stood there. SSgt Parsons confronted his ex-wife soon after that.

This is the exchange, according to Brandon Parsons, in his official court declaration: After she had read the result I asked her to tell me the truth. She then began telling me that while I was in Iraq she had been raped. I asked her how many men she had slept with while I was on deployment.

Submit Your Art! Erotic Art Submissions. Art Spinner — Click this link to read a random illustration from this category! Welsh Royal Marine sniper Matt Hughes was participating in the invasion of Iraq, looking for a perfect occasion to shoot some dudes from really far away. Debate still rages over whether handsome young Green Beret captain Jeffrey MacDonald slaughtered his pregnant wife and two young daughters in one of the most hideous murders of the s.

This time she screamed at me that she did not know how many. After she calmed down she told me that in March [a month before his return] she discovered she was pregnant and told her mother.

She said that her mother told her that military spouse Bliss women discreet fwb were excellent and she Sergent remember that she did not have insurance coverage for the hospital bills. After this exchange, Parsons convinced his ex to meet him for another DNA test, along with the child. She also began calling me names. I asked her to please stop cursing at me before the child. This made her really angry and she looked right in my eyes and told Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff that I should have died in Iraq like I was supposed to do.

Parsons was unable to obtain a DNA test that day due to the vitriolic nature of Crystal and her mother, opting to leave after the two women threatened to call the police on him.

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The answer—in all the convoluted facets of the case—is simple: He did not file a complaint against Crystal Parsons until early-December of —more than two and half years after Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff discovered he was not the father of the child. This is the loophole that Crystal Domenech Parsons won the ruling by—resulting in the court ordering SSgt Brandon Parsons to pay another twelve years of child support for a child that he now has no access to.

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This is where things get really enraging: Folks, in my humble opinion, Crystal Parsons is the living, breathing, real life bastard child of Snidely Whiplash and… Satan—who is possibly her mother.

Even after the disheartening outcome of his case, he rel to see the best in most people involved.

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He had his hands tied. He deserves praise and is Ladies wants sex MO Miller 65707 several other paternity fraud victims as we speak. For the record, as I finish this story, I just received an email from the company, promising me a full refund. Besides, there are certainly bigger travesties in America right now… as the case of SSgt Brandon Parsons has proved. If you fast forward to after their divorce, she forged a Power Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff Attorney form to Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff up charges at a variety of online retailers.

A clear case of identify theft. Somewhere along the line Crystal anointed herself a princess Nude female Tonawanda expects everyone else to pay her bills while she leads the good life. All the best Brandon, you deserve far better than you ever got from her. You failed as a father. You could have prevented this wedding from happening and you should have sought legal council for your son.

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You list all these things that you knew were going on but you failed to do anything about it. Shame on Wifs for allowing this to happen. Shame Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff you Ted Lovell. How can a father prevent his of age son getting married? People like you who point fingers like this are the real problem in this world.

Want Man Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff

You might hear Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff, but not heed them. So quit being such an insensitive jerk. I guess your Dad failed as a father. He obviously failed at teaching you tact. TED, what a horrible thing to say. First of all he is a grown Naughty girls Marysvale, his father raised a hell of a man.

Throughout all of this, this Marine who b the way is fighting to protect your sorry lookiing is maintaining his dignity as a Marine.

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Look at the issue a woman who lied about a baby being his. He is fighting for our country and you balme the father. You are truly an ass and have no understanding kooking what parenting is about.

Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff Sfrgeant have children well then… anything your child does we will say you sucked as a father. Much agreed with the comment above. That is a place I know too well as a pleasant place to live because of the Devil Dogs that went in there and laid waste to all opposition when Yes im married looking for miss married not misfit was a hell hole.

His badass creation survived Ramadi and is still fighting the good fight. If he carries this burden Sergeanh a good Marine Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff to keep fighting and never give up until it kills you; he will have served dutifully both in service to our country in the traditional sense but also in service to men everywhere in this country who are enslaved by an unjust system who favors the word of any unscrupulous woman over that of a man, a servicemember, a United States Marine.

Ted, you are a lost soul and know nothing of what it is to be a man, much less a father.

Your lack of empathy shows you are ignorant of the realities that Mr Parsons faced Sergeannt raising his unfledged future Marine. Mr Parsons raised a man, a real man and a gladiator in Uniform. What have you done? Badmouth fathers? What an accomplishment.

That said, the Marine in this story is looikng an idiot. I feel sorry for him. I truly do. Gets a girl pregnant in less than three weeks and decides to marry here and not check to make sure Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff spawn is his.

As a combat vet I admire his courage and service, but he was a fool. Happens all the time. I am proud of him for fighting it.

What he needs to do though is take it lookig of the court system and get the law changed. And Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff needs to be Sluts near Altus pa pay the child support and force them to put a Marine combat vet in prison for not paying for a fraudlent baby.

If he does that, I respect him more.

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Do us all a favor and grow up and try to act like a real man. Ted, do Sergesnt have children, especially children that are of legal age? My son decided in Lonely moms Broxbourne high that he was going to join the military when he graduated high school, which he did.

His reply to me was that he was eighteen and could do what he wanted, although he loved me very much. All we Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff do as parents by that age is give our advice, and then support whatever decision they make.

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The blame here is on that trash and her mother, who, btw, sounds like a great parent herself, advising her daughter to trap Brandon because of the benefits she would receive. Bulff makes trash. I have 2 grown children and Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff Ladies wants sex MO Clarkton 63837 advise them to do anything like that.

Texas has a law that allows fathers to stop paying. Any chance your son can get deployed there, Wjfe 6. No It purely rests on your shoulders, and your chin, and face, and….

Thank you Ted for sharing that little nugget of wisdom with all of us. I am sure your imaginary girlfriend is impressed.

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Leave the comments to the adults in the room. Lonnie Failed as a father because he approached his son and treated him as an adult, gave his son advice and spoke his mind and took the chance of upsetting his son and he failed? What Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff of drugs are you on? The only thing I can figure is you have Wife looking real sex Sergeant Bluff kids of your own or your kids are soooo spoiled, you have to follow behind them and clean Woman want real sex Bristol Virginia their messes.

Ted, the only failure here is you…. Aww… what a cute little troll you are, Ted! Ted, we could save millions of dollars in defence spending through strapping people like yourself Sergeannt tanks instead of pricey armour, whilst at the same time removing your utter stupidity from the gene pool.