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Why do married men want a hotwife I Search Sex Contacts

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Why do married men want a hotwife

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We meet we do our thing then we go separate ways. Or a sign of devotion in another.

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This is somewhat analogous to the situation of a man who has unknowingly been Historically, being a cuckold indicated unwitting marriage to an other (the ' hotwife') fuck someone else (the 'bull'), often while the cuckold is book Tell Me What You Want, explains that “most people who are aroused by. I am married and have three children with my husband. I need a bit more than occasional vanilla sex to feel content in that area including sexually, and I know that this other man is able and willing to provide that for me. Why Married Couples Are Into Cuckolding Men who identify as cucks and like to hotwife may hide to watch the action or observe via video.

The sexual adventures of "shared wife" and amateur adult Internet model Janet Mason. Reflections on a life of hedonistic marital pleasure meen open, honest sexuality from a female perspective.

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Diary of a Hotwife. Search This Blog. So true Thursday, May 17, Busy, busy busy!

Why do married men want a hotwife I Am Ready Man

And good news for site fans. We are in the middle of updating ALL my videos to make longer clips for you to enjoy as a member. We'll also be updating my store and by popular demand, have my very own VOD stores for you people who want instant viewing of my DVD's.

Stay tuned! Until next time, then!

Posted by Janet Mason at 7: My loving husband indulged me yet again on our last trip to California. We have been getting back to our "hot wife" roots where he sets me up with my lusty heart's desire and we drop the cameras, the lights, the legal paperwork and just have FUN.

I Am Wants Sexy Meet Why do married men want a hotwife

Steve had already treated me to an evening with my young boy toy and now it was Big Black Cock time. I always enjoy the build up to the meeting.

Steve and I talk about how we envision it. Steve and I had headed down to Pasadena for the early part of the day. We chatted about how I was going to be filled with a huge black stud that night.

A guide for Bulls with a cuckold couple: The Guide for Bulls

After a fabulous lunch we continued exploring the downtown area. The phone rang and I answered to Lex's cheerful voice on the other end.

We confirmed we were meeting for a drink Why do married men want a hotwife then heading back to our room for fun. I get even more excited when I know it is a sure thing. So Steve and I headed back up the so I could Women want sex Callicoon time relaxing and getting ready.

I soaked in a hot tub with the scented candles lit and a glass of red wine while nibbling on a bite of dark chocolate.

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Then I took my time primping in front of the mirror. It was time So we headed out to the local micro-brewery.

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We got there first and got a quiet table in the corner and ordered our drinks and a few appetizers. Soon Lex breezes through the ro looking very dashing.

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He shakes Steve's hand and I give him a big hug. So great to see him again - it's been too long!

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We sit and catch up on the latest while enjoying a quick drink. Mafried loved being sandwiched between the guys! Sipping the last of his drink, Lex leans over and says, "I want to taste your pussy.

Here Is Why A Husband Gives His Wife Encouragement To Be An Adulteress The husband gives his wife permission and encouragement to have sex with other men, while he stays faithful only to her. in a cuckolding relationship but still crave it, or who want to talk while their hotwife is out on a date. Here's a look at what a hotwife relationship is and how a hotwife Many married women would like to enjoy the company of men other than. Even when she went to the ladies room I would see men approach her and then watch the What are the benefits of being a cuckcold husband of a hot wife?.

Off we go! Back in od room it is moments before we are lip locked and pulling clothes off. We hadn't even made it into the bedroom.

How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 01 - hotwife slut cuckold

I slid my hand down and felt Lex's huge cock through his trousers Steve coaches us into the bedroom. I'm a different person with big black cocks I just melt and submit to them. Steve was watching me in all my glory and commenting on how beautiful I looked. Posted by Janet Sudbury pussy xxx at 1: Steve and I spent last night sitting by the fireplace with a bottle of excellent Pinot Noir and had a great discussion about the role of the 'lifestyle' in our relationship One of those themes is Why do married men want a hotwife cocks The importance of cock size is one of those controversial subjects that elicits strong reactions on both sides of the proverbial fence.

Many people want a "definitive" answer to whether cock size matters or not to women Why do married men want a hotwife, if so, how much. However, the simple fact is there is no single answer that applies to all women equally. I can't speak for any other women It is certainly no big secret to anyone who knows me, either personally or through my web site and videos, that I am a true "size queen" Some men find that arousing.

Whores 4 BBC: PICTURES: Hotwife, Black Bulls and Cuckolds

Some find it intimidating. But my husband and I love it Don't get me wrong For example, I wouldn't marry a guy just because he had a big dick if he was lacking in other personal Fuck girls Cowra necessary for a sustained relationship I'm just looking for hot, purely physical doo with no strings attached I don't want Why do married men want a hotwife, romance or slow seduction, because Wajt already have those things I just want to meet a hot guy, fuck like animals and go our separate ways, exhausted and satisfied.

And for that, I'll take a guy marrjed a big dick any day His job, his intellect and his conversation skills really don't matter because we may not ever see each other again. I've already got all those and other important relationship-based qualities in my husband, Steve who just happens to have a big cock himself, as I'll address soon.

But for Why do married men want a hotwife sex, as long as the guy can get hard, I am guaranteed to have one mind-blowing orgasm after another once I get his huge dick inside of me. As Steve and I talked about my love of truly large cocks and how much he enjoys watching my face as I worship Date for the 14th or climax on them, the image of a huge cock popped into my head.

It's perfectly preserved image of a special moment in time that really defines who I am as a sexual being.

On my site, this horse-hung young man goes by the marired of "Mr. We met back inwhen he was 20 and I was 31, and we fucked regularly for 4 years straight before he graduated from school and moved to another state. We did reunite once inbut that's another post!

I Am Ready Sex Dating Why do married men want a hotwife

Although I'd had sex with black men before, none were anywhere close to as well-endowed. So Mr.

Big ended up providing not only my first truly huge black cock experience but also my first "younger man" experience after I had passed the crucial from a woman's perspective age of 30, and he truly changed my life forever. How did it all start? When Steve and I met in the late 80s, I was surprised and secretly thrilled to find that he had Why do married men want a hotwife big cock.

Here Is Why A Husband Gives His Wife Encouragement To Be An Adulteress | HuffPost

See photo below Being so young, I'd actually never seen a big dick before But Lavoy, Alberta horny female right now guy I had ever dated prior to Steve was endowed pretty much average or on the smallish side. I found that Why do married men want a hotwife larger-than-I'd-ever-seen-before cock excited me not just visually and psychologically but physically as hitwife I basically spent the first few months of our relationship in what can only be described as "cock worship" mode I stroked, sucked and fucked him every day and could spend hours just laying between his legs or marriee my head on his stomach, admiring his beautiful, well-formed cock and Why do married men want a hotwife, which I kept well-drained.

Every single morning I jacked him off onto hotwufe mouth and drank his sperm before taking my shower, and every single night I sucked him off in bed before we slept I was literally obsessed with his cock.

Mafried was the first time I can remember having "size queen" feelings, although at that time I'd not yet heard of the term. Needless to say, Steve wasn't complaining. He was used to women getting off on the size of his cock - including those who would publicly say that "size doesn't matter" in order to protect fragile male egos.

But, having been involved in the swinging scene with couples as a young, single guy for several Why do married men want a hotwife before we met, he knew better Being the kind of ego-free guy he is, he also had no problem admitting to me that even though he knew he had a "pretty big" cock his wordshe claimed it was not a huge one He knew this for a fact I was shocked and curious.

How big?

I tried to mask my curiosity, as I didn't want the man I knew I was to marry to think of me as a slut. I didn't do a very good job of it.

And thicktoo. I wish I had one, but I can't complain I'm already blessed as it is!

Stories following my journey into becoming a hotwife. EXCITEMENT BUILDING. Reminds me so much of when we began our journey, My now wife thought it was just a way of me getting more women in the sack, But nothing could have been further from the truth, I had taken many, yes many women before I met her! I was so taken with this woman, I will admit that maybe there was a touch of ME trying to. I've always encouraged my wife, Tanya, to consider taking a lover, with her being very resistant. We married as she was finishing her PhD, and I was working to support our household. At first glance, it would seem ‘obvious’ that hotwife where a woman has sex with men other than her husband, but with her husband’s knowledge, consent and often at his urging would be disastrous for any marriage, no matter how reasons men are so often drawn to encouraging their wives to become hotwives is complex, but it boils down to biology and the way they’re made.

I can't imagine! I wished I could see one myself. Remember, this was the late 80s and I was very young There was no Internet yet thus no adult web sites for me to check outand I was just beginning Wby Why do married men want a hotwife explore my sexuality.

So Steve took me to an adult book store for the very first time in my life, where we planned to find some video and magazines that featured guys with huge dicks - and women who craved them.