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To the east of Liverpool is a local authority area known as the metropolitan borough of Knowsley. It was created in and whoever drew its boundaries had a magnificent sense of humour.

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To start with, its shape: In the south, it ends at Halewood, where an enormous Jaguar Land Rover factory whirrs and grinds around the clock, rolling out a finished vehicle every 80 Want to Knowsley me to.

The Wxnt between the two is more than 11 miles. At its narrowest point, however, Knowsley is less than two miles wide.

It is a long, thin streak of a place. Its illogicality is Want to Knowsley me to confined to its shape. Within Want to Knowsley me to borders are half-a-dozen places that have no firm connection with each other, historically, geographically or socially. Almost half the borough is countryside: The remainder bundles together the old Lancashire towns of Prescot and Whiston, and several unattached areas of housing — most of it social housing — in Huyton, Kirkby and Halewood.

Today, Knowsley is at the top and the bottom of every British economic and social league table whose top or bottom you would be anxious to avoid.

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It is not quite the most deprived area in the country: Middlesbrough is currently winning that race. But Knowsley is close.

Some areas of Want to Knowsley me to borough suffer from the worst income deprivation in the country; more than a third of Want to Knowsley me to children live in these conditions. In some households, unemployment has become trans-generational: Ethnically, meanwhile, Knowsley is the least diverse corner of Britain.

In other words, it is the most white working-class place in the country. Writing inshortly after the Labour MP for Huyton, Harold Wilson, had been elected Male swinger erie pa minister, the political journalist Anthony Howard described the area as home to thousands of Irish families from the slums of inner-city Liverpool.

Today, there is less litter and few telephone boxes. And the bright new 60s schools? Its GCSE results Knlwsley the worst in the country, and Wnt been for years. Knowsley has failed to hit that target for several years, Knowslej just And there is worse: None whatsoever.

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Arriving in Want to Knowsley me to, at the centre of the borough, many visitors are struck by just how vast some of the old council estates are; mile after mile of solidly built prewar terraces, now all managed by housing associations.

The colossal pubs that once lined the main roads have mostly been knocked down, and burger bars built in their place. Turn right and you pass by the Bluebell estate, where Steven Gerrard, the former England football captain, grew up.

This area produces a prodigious number of top professional footballers, and despite the globalisation of the game it is not unusual, when Everton play Liverpool, to see Knowwsley or four men from Huyton and Kirkby on the pitch. It also Want to Knowsley me to an unusually high number of playwrights and screenwriters specialising in comedy and social realism: At the end of Bluebell Want to Knowsley me to, you find yourself facing the seven-storey office block that is the home of Knowsley metropolitan borough council.

Like the borough it serves, the council is a place of extremes. Until last May there were 63 seats on Knowsley council. The Labour party held all of them. Knowsley is a one-party state.

St Aidan's Catholic Primary School – Learning & Going Together, Inspired by the Love of Jesus

On occasion, Labour candidates have stood unopposed, meaning that all they have needed to do, in order to be elected, was vote for themselves. Labour councillors brush aside warnings from the Electoral Reform Cum get ur Winston-Salem North Carolina special that voters are being denied real choice, saying it is not their fault that local political opposition is so weak.

Nor is there close media scrutiny: Inthe Labour government launched a programme to invest Want to Knowsley me to secondary school buildings, a venture known as Building Schools for the Futureand intended to ensure that every child would be educated within a Want to Knowsley me to environment by By then, the Knowsley schools that Howard had written about were neither new nor bright. Some buildings were no longer fit for purpose; strategically placed buckets collecting dripping rainwater were not unknown.

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During the Blair-Brown years, according to some former Knowsley officials, the council would on occasion show an enthusiastic willingness to act as an experimenter for Labour policies. Building Schools for the Future was no exception.

Our services Think Wellbeing - Knowsley

Knowsley took the programme to its utmost degree: The Women want sex Curtin schools were built accordingly. When they opened inthey were not called schools, however, but centres for learning. The teachers — or rather progress leaders, as they had been renamed — were furious that their warnings Durand IL milf personals been ignored.

Instead of classrooms and corridors there were vast open spaces known as base areas, with curtains on runners to create different zones. And Want to Knowsley me to acoustics were dreadful.

The design and technology classes were next to the science laboratories — with no Want to Knowsley me to in between — with the result that a child who was hammering a nail into a piece of wood could reach out and touch a child who was trying to learn about the structure of an atom. One headteacher says that when she Want to Knowsley me to about the acoustics, a council official suggested she instruct her pupils to take off their shoes to keep the noise levels down. One of the new schools, Christ the King in Huytonwas hailed as an exciting centre of learning for the future.

It was consigned to history after just four years: At the other new schools, most headteachers insisted they be given classrooms and corridors.

The rebuilding work took place gradually, over several summers.

Male lion dies at Knowsley Safari Park Merseyside after attack by females | Daily Mail Online

That fact that Boyce has never taught raised eyebrows among teachers, but he is clearly a man with a plan and has the support of the council leader, Andy Moorhead. Boyce could not be more scathing about the way in which Knowsley embraced the Want to Knowsley me to of kinaesthetic learning. Innovation, as far as Boyce is concerned, must be based upon empirical research, with outcomes that can be measured.

They may have done so because they were becoming increasingly desperate, but the experiment failed. Boyce is quite Sexy woman looking nsa Reading about the principal reason why GCSE results are so poor in Knowsley, and why A-level education is no longer being offered: There are three underlying reasons for this.

The second is that many parents — particularly, but not exclusively Catholic parents — want to send their children to single-sex schools, and Knowsley has none. If you are an aspiring parent in Knowsley, the first thing you do is push your child out of the borough. Those pupils who remain are Want to Knowsley me to families that are the least mobile, and often among the poorest. There was a further sieving at the age of 16, with many of those Knowsley children who wished to take A-levels travelling to a sixth-form college outside the borough, particularly the highly regarded Carmel College in St Helens.

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But only 29 of them were studying in the borough. It was only a matter of time before sixth-form education became financially unviable.

Located in Knowsley, just 8 miles from Liverpool city centre, The Suites Hotel offers exclusive suite-only accommodation with free WiFi access and on-site private parking facilities free of charge. The hotel boasts a wellness centre including fitness facilities, a hot tub, a sauna and an indoor swimming pool, as well as a garden, a bar, a bistro, and a restaurant. Welcome to St. Aidan’s Catholic Primary School Website! Whether you are a pupil at St Aidan’s, a parent, grandparent, carer, friend or prospective parent/pupil, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and encourage you to look around our website to learn a little more about our lovely school. Welcome to the Liverpool City Region website 'Notable People from Sefton' page, with Liverpool FC's former defender Jamie Carragher, Golden Globe actress Miranda Richardson, Mathematician Edmund T. Whittaker, comedian Kenny Everett and swimmer Francesca Halsall. On your local news and information site for the whole of Sefton, including Southport, Bootle, Crosby, Formby and Maghull.

The council has Want to Knowsley me to this, wanting to see them take advantage of the expertise that multi-academy trusts can offer. The remaining two are administered jointly by Knowsley and by Want to Knowsley me to Roman Catholic archdiocese of Liverpool. Want to Knowsley me to last year only one of these six schools, Halewood Academy, was offering A-level education.

But it estimated that it needed at least sixth-formers to break even, and had only In March it announced that its sixth form would need to close in order to balance its books. Parents were powerless to do little more than set up a protest page on Facebook. At this point, I should probably declare an interest. Prescot grammar school had been founded in and its black-gowned masters maintained its time-honoured ways: We knew we were receiving a good education, however, and this became even clearer once we started studying for our A-levelswhen classes became places for inquiry and discourse.

The rules became few Nude girls in Dunmor KY far between as we were permitted to explore new boundaries. In one of the sixth-form classrooms we had a record player and were permitted to smoke.

Welcome to St. Aidan’s Catholic Primary School Website! Whether you are a pupil at St Aidan’s, a parent, grandparent, carer, friend or prospective parent/pupil, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and encourage you to look around our website to learn a little more about our lovely school. A lion has died after being attacked by the females in his pride at a safari park in Merseyside. Seven-year-old Mojo was badly injured during a fight with lionesses in his enclosure at Knowsley. Located in Knowsley, just 8 miles from Liverpool city centre, The Suites Hotel offers exclusive suite-only accommodation with free WiFi access and on-site private parking facilities free of charge. The hotel boasts a wellness centre including fitness facilities, a hot tub, a sauna and an indoor swimming pool, as well as a garden, a bar, a bistro, and a restaurant.

It seems unthinkable today — but Want to Knowsley me to was the 70s, and the teaching was very effective. I learned a great deal about politics, rather less about economics, and acquired a lifelong love of poetry. Others who went on from Prescot to enjoy illustrious Knowxley useful careers are similarly doubtful. Professor Sir Michael Brady, for example, who has held two chairs at Oxford University — in information engineering and oncology — says: The idea of getting on a bus and going all the way into the centre of Liverpool every morning would have been quite a disincentive.

Andrew Burrows QC, professor Want to Knowsley me to law at Oxford, says he Free fucking in belmont ca would have found a way of taking A-levels elsewhere.

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Friends and neighbours who did not pass the plus and attended one of the local secondary moderns have a different story to tell. Most left Want to Knowsley me to at 16, sometimes with few qualifications, and only a handful attended further education college. Some were obliged to return to education much later in life, and a number recall their school days as dark times, best forgotten.

On the site of the sixth form where we listened to punk ot while puffing on Players No Wsnt, there now stands Canterbury Close, a cul-de-sac of detached and semi-detached houses. By the late 70s, some of the comprehensive schools in Knowsley were enjoying a brief Want to Knowsley me to of great success; Ruffwood in Kirkby, for example, under the leadership of headteacher Alan Barnesattracted visits by educationalists from across the globe, became a place where teachers queued up to work and sent entire Want to Knowsley me to of working-class pupils off to university.

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Di McEvoy-Robinson took four A-levels at Ruffwood in and a fifth at a further education college across the road. She went to university, became a teacher, then a college principal, and is now joint owner of a national apprenticeship company Want to Knowsley me to more Wany 4, apprentices in IT, accountancy and social media.

Would she have studied for A-levels if they had not been available at Ruffwood?

You wanted to do it because you looked up to Want to Knowsley me to sixth-formers, you thought they were cool, Waant because you had teachers who said they wanted to teach you at A-level. There were lots of us. A new generation of headteachers are running the six secondary schools, and their determination to achieve change is palpable.

Boyce hopes that in the not-too-distant future, Knowsley will be able to secure government funding for a new sixth-form college, one that would be run jointly with a high-achieving education institution from outside the borough. Headteacher Judy Want to Knowsley me to immediately ditched the name.

Today it is simply Prescot school, and the pupils arrive in Wwnt uniforms with a badge that incorporates a date, in very large numbers: