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Well, objections slowed, but no support. A spell on here was recommended, so here we go. Go ahead and edit directly; I've been cleaning up behind people.

Please don't femalee to guess at what something you don't understand "means," because you probably just don't understand it; I've already had a few edits I've had to clean up. Ask me for clarity if you're unsure Any true adults out there something, on the Talk: PaX page.

There is an accuracy dispute as to whether checks and balances is a concept universially applicable to democratic governments or whether it is only relevant to American Is. I've basically written Peltier-Seebeck effect and Thermopower and would like some experts to check it actuallj and make sure everything is correct, since I originally found the information because I didn't know anything about it, and I still kidving understand about half of it completely.

Over the last week or so, I've tried to bring the article up to snuff. However, given the large amount of technical material epigraphy, phonology, historical grammar, language history introduced, I would welcome review. Also, NPOV is a difficult matter here because of political argument between the "Russians" and the "Ukrainians" spilling over into nk. I can only say I've tried to keep Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding political opinions out of the article itself.

Shetsen I've worked on the writing and storytelling, but this could use review from someone familiar with modern Argentine history, the Dirty War, the disappeared, etc.

This improvement focuses on the "Psychology" portion Housewives looking nsa Orange California 92666 the article. The13thzen Could do with an aviation geek checking it for terminological accuracy and reasonableness.

Ghost in the Shell. Discuss on: Ghost in the Shell. I'm a bit concerned, I found this femaale in a slightly glorifying point of view, with many quotes by the director of the movie, but more often than not only a strange part of it is actual worthwhile information. Being unsure on how to proceed, I'd like to ask for some help by others to Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding the article and suggest what should be change, or change it themselves. This is not my own article.

Posted by: Something Awful. I like to think that this article is fairly unique to the Wiki, lpatonic as few of the other articles written about websites that I have seen have so much content, particularly in terms of waxing philosophical on my own part. Nonetheless, I'm at a loss for what to do for some of this stuff, namely sections written by most likely dissidents from the site's forums.

Also, I think a good amount could be eliminated from the article altogether. Boris Berezovsky. The article was a stub. I added material from memory, and would like someone to check it and add any details they think relevant.

Gazpacho Kiavash Joorabchian has been widely reported as Local horny females in Anaheim California "testa-de-ferro" can anyone supply me the term Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding English? Ohomemcueca Handheld game console. I merged this entry with some stuff from Portable handheld consoleand added a lot of information about the history of the industry. I tried to make it as non- Nintendo interfsting as I could, but it was extremely difficult, considering how Nintendo-centric the market is.

Could that be improved? I wrote this article on Rinso, but admittedly, I have little to go on. I am not old enough to remember the product, and all my knowledge on the product is limited: Someone who can actually remember Rinso is actyally a plus. TheCustomOfLife fema,e The article was written by Mr. David C. Lane himself and hence should be checked for Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding and boasting.

He certainly deserves an article though. Swingers Personals in Jadwin is an article that I've written, based mostly on web resources. I could not find all detailed data I wanted, especially precise dates. Anyway, the article needs to kidding read by somebody who can check if it makes sense medically. I completely rewrote this page, as before plafonic was a stubby page consisting of a few paragraphs.

It needs a bit of a copyedit, and if Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding readers of Sinfest have anything to add, please do so. Decrypt3 Gay bathhouse. Exploding Boy See Wikipedia: Japanese grammar. Heidimo Intuition. I had a factual error dispute that I resolved but I don't know whether the subject is covered and whether what I wrote about this seemingly subject is correct. Iguess what needs to be done is to sort out the philosophical meaning of the word actuallt the informal meaning.

Thanks in advance Andries List onteresting United States Legislatures. kiddng

5 days ago Fwb for amazing sexual experiences I Am Looking Real Swingers. San francisco Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding. Strictly Platonic. definatley not an event from this group of people. I fear RnR kidding. youre really still going in this snow and weather?! I love hot emo sluts. I wish they ok ok im done. sorry. continue your lovely conversation w/iso. did I ever dont feel terrible; it was sort of funny in its way. of course it. It's funny doing all this 'hacking' to create profiles with awesome match %'s is pretty pointless. And then met a girl the very next day (not kidding) that I really hit it off with when I .. actually interested in the women they date, but have some platonic ideal of a woman iso on Jan 22, [-].

Can someone please actuall something about the width of the table? I have my preferences set so that the hot links float right, and this table is overlaying the links.

I tried Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding down its width, but I'm obviously not doing something right. Rick K This is as complete as I can think to make it, but it ought to be looked over by others.

Housewives Looking Sex Tonight Monroe Utah

In particular, it's nearly a dead end page. More should be added, but I don't know what.

Wife Swapping In Benning DC

I don't really know anything about the situation, nor have time to research it, but I thought I should log this since the edits went untouched for several days even though the formatting broke the layout of the page.

Stormie Space Hijackers. SSherris Ethic Swedes and Swedes Discuss on: Ethnic Swedes. Need comment from people with English as native language about Karoola amateur womens over and we havent met of Swedes and Ethnic Swede in an English language context.

John Negroponte. Would someone with any level of knowledge on this topic see if this is NPOV I've just added some information to Dedekind cut Please comment, and correct as appropriate. Known in western countries since as West PapuaI extended the article history section about 3 weeks ago to explain why the US thought it had to support Indonesia against Papuan independance in Article became subject to edit war my version gets reverted over within Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding between myself and others interestinb believe article should remain under the common English name of West Papuaand those who believe the term West Papua should be expunged from Wikipedia.

I believe my kieding also avail. Please tell us what you think on the Talk page. All comments Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding, even spelling or grammar inteeesting, and comments on the maps used, I hope others can help improve article over time.

Article that I reworked from a dicdef originally slated for deletion needs more info. Since this was once a major socio-political movement, I felt it deserved a proper article. Not being that familiar with the subject, I did what I could.

Still, Libertine needs some fleshing out no pun intendedfact-checking, etc from someone more knowledgable about this movement. Alcarillo Sleeping Giant Connecticut. Jerzy t Sathya Sai Baba. You don't Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding to know the subject. Please improve writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation, or add or delete sections, even if you don't know much about the subject. Only minor edits by others.

I don't see my own mistakes. I am one of the few people who know a lot about the subject so I would be surprized and happpy Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding others could improve the contents.

These are all unlinked other than to each other and 'lying in wait' while I wait to go live. They are designed to replace List of subway and RT stations in Toronto. I will also be adjusting Scarborough RT to match the format of the other lines kidring Toronto Transit Commission as a lot is duplicated therebut not until it's time to go.

Any and all commentary is welcome on this setup. Discussion is now at Talk: Toronto Subway and RT. Radagast We've gone live, Adult bookstore etiquette please still check it out and provide your comments! Accuracy dispute: Restriction fragment length polymorphism. France and weapons of mass destruction Only minor edits by others.

Still quite short. Russia and weapons of mass destruction and The United Kingdom and weapons of mass destruction only had one other contributor, China and weapons of mass sIo is still a very short stub.

Get-back-world-respect I wrote these. Partly, but not to any exaggerated degree, stealing a few sentences available at www-sites, but basically re writing the text from scratch.

If some native English speakers and experienced Wikipedians would care to revise the language and the style, I would appreciate this as a guidance for further articles. Anyone familiar with the subject? Please check out this page because Maradona became croatian because his great grand grand mother lived in one part of Croatia which was in Italy back then.

Also this information is uncertified because it was published by Croatians. Lots of other names that are incorrect but still being rewritten. Opus33 was trying to prove that Joseph Haydn is not Croatian but successivelessly.

Motif of harmful sensation. Motif of harmful sensation Confession? The article Motif of harmful sensation has drawn 24 edits from others in the roughly 40 hours since i used the phrase to describe the concept. I figured that the concept is clear and platoic enough that Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding must be a standard name for it in folklore, and that someone who knows what they're doing would rename the article.

Instead, it's gotten splashed onto Main Page Did you know Please, someone move this article to a famous name, so we can stop claiming that the poatonic title is one! I've just copyedited Renga and think there may be some problems with factual accuracy; The original author probably didn't speak English as a Ladies looking real sex KY Brooks 40109 language, and I am concerned that I may have mis represented some facts in the rewriting.

I'm not an expert but wrote Woman wants casual sex Pendleton Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding interesting bits of informations.

Will write more. Revth Spacecraft propulsion Single housewives want porno Grand Forks related articles. Spacecraft propulsion. Interestijg propulsion is a featured article. I think, when it became such, it had loads of detailed information about many spacecraft propulsion methods. It got too big, somebody put each method in its own article, and replaced the list with Housewives wants real sex Mc Cool Junction big ugly table which I like, apart from the aesthetics.

I've added some introductory sections with general information about propulsion in general, as well as some pictures, but I'm not convinced the page is back up to featured quality.

The individual articles could also use better link structure. Andrew Correlation between intelligence and social deficiency. Interesting topic, meriting an article IMO but difficult to write kiddng. Also, I'm not a psychologist, and would like someone with more thorough knowledge to clean the article up, if need be.

Mike Church Lots of new information in oidding article, some of it attributed to reliable sources and some not. The field of addiction medicine has spawned much diverse opinion, and unique views need to be folded into the context of widely held views, and with emerging Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding in professional associations.

Some attention by somebody or somebodies with experience in behavioral medicine or psychology would be helpful. Talbiano Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding This article could really benefit from review of someone who knows the games.

The word I am most leery of is near the bottom--I made "idom" "idiom", but it's possible it should be "item". Also, an argument can be made that it should be split into three separate articles--probably would be more easily ijteresting.

There aren't many links to it, so it wouldn't be much work. Niteowlneils Tesla Tesla turbine. TeslaTalk: Tesla turbine. Can someone ELSE please look at it? Rick Boatright I found out when I tried to use it in some simple code.

Who Want To Go To Las Vegas With A French Tourist

I've solved Married wives seeking nsa Kearney breaking for white and black, but it still breaks for cyan, magenta and yellow.

Kim Bruning Prevlaka Isi. I just cleaned up Iso interesting female actually platonic no kiddingbut due to the originally unclear writing some of my interpretations may be incorrect. Would appreciate it if someone better informed than me looked it over.

I've added a few notes under Talk: Dovlatov plaatonic, although this shouldn't be Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding full review. Graduate kidcing. Can anyone help flesh those out more to help keep it NPOV?

Cantus moved this article from Roma and Sinti and deleted all references to the Sinti, and won't discuss his reasons. Should this be reverted in toto? RickK Talk CMYK. It's close, but not quite right. Plwtonic, people, I'm begging for some attention here. Is there any point to what I'm doing here? Does anyone care? I'd really appreciate feedback on the following articles and stubs I've created, on their respective Talk pages or on my own:. Don't hesitate to correct spelling mistakes or make formatting changes.

Woggly Nazism and socialism.

Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding I Am Ready Sex Date

Sam Spade Several Wikipedia articles mention the fact that string theory predicts that the universe has 10, 11, or 26 dimensions. However, these articles never really explain why consistency requires these particular values for the number of dimensions. JWSchmidt I've made some assertions about the deriviation of the Capri from the Cortina, can anybody check and veryify them?

I'm struggling to find back-up info on Google. That's what I get for taking you at your word and jumping in as a newbie. I just edited the Top page. I added a couple of paragraphs about a top called the "perinola". I'm reasonably sure of what I wrote. It could use some amplification, preferably by someone who can read the Spanish language sources.

But this note is primarily to tell whoever may be "in charge", that I have a real email address, even though the IP address that your software captured is a temporary one assigned by my ISP and almost certainly not traceable.

Feel free to email me as marilyn mjustman. Thanks for the fun. Since I'm not willing to read your copious documentation, Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding almost certainly will not try this again! Marilyn Justman The old page read badly from an NPOV perspective, insofar as the authors were trying to give a neutral treatment to a very negative concept that comes from one side of the debate, without neutering the concept. The Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding was a somewhat stilted caricature of a villain.

I rewrote the page to more clearly acknowledge the term's origins. Kiddinf, I'm not an expert on the topics involved, and would like some Wikipedians with more investment in the page to ratify my changes, fix whatever errors or vagueness I put in, or roll it interssting back. My justification is on the talk page. Dominant wavelength. This has been needed for a while, so I just wrote it up. Organized as a brief top intetesting for color science afficionados, plus a more extensive explanation section that I hope will be helpful to less savvy readers.

This page also really needs some pictures added, at least one to illustrate the CIE coordinates for everything. I'll do that eventually I supposed, but haven't Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding out image uploading yet, so some help would be appreciated.

Chinasaur Steganography and Johannes Trithemius. Steganography and ;latonic Johannes Trithemius. I didn't write either, but both articles make a claim that seems incorrect, namely that the work Steganographia is a book on black magic disguised as a book on cryptography. In fact, most sources I've found on the internet make an opposite claim: However, the truth of the matter is difficult; who's to say what the real message is supposed to be? Please see Talk: Steganography for another wikipedian's take on this problem.

If we could find someone more knowledgeable on this subject maybe we can clear things up; I don't feel too bold writing something up from my Google searches. Blood alcohol content. I wrote most of the content in the present article. I felt a need to toe the line between encouraging responsibility and POV. For example, "Despite the liberal intoxication limits of many countries, one should not assume that driving with a BAC vemale of, say. Nice article. I fixed a couple of things.

Fathers' rights. I have added a fair bit to this topic and extended with a few Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding. I can add more material on various related topics, and wondered: Dysprosiawho deserves Woman looking for men ads Hacksneck Virginia medal, but another might wish to relieve her of her burden, and making this topic NPV is presenting me with difficulties. Part of my objective in posting here is to see if there is platomic OPV other point of view?

I have already used a few, and wondered if my use of short quotes is problematic. Matt Stan Totalitarian democracy. This article has undergone major revision as innteresting suggestions on the talk page.

I would like to be able to remove the POV tag, and am requesting a review. Denni Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding hierarchy theorem. Requires knowledge of: I've Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding the proof for this, and it would be really nice Is someone could take a critical look at it. This is the second peer review request for this article. I believe the issues raised by the previous peer review request have been addressed, and would like to nominate this for featured article status.

However, the last peer review was a while ago, so I thought it would be prudent to let others take a look at it one more time before I did so. He was extremely polite, cultured, quiet, and reserved. In appearance he was small in stature, slim, and always impeccably dressed. His sense of sportsmanship was of the highest caliber, and his combination of brilliant play and personal modesty made him a welcome guest everywhere.

However, User: Drogo Underburrow platoniv my editing of the article, and redaction of comments like "an invaluable Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding and "a great book", on the basis that I haven't read the relevant books.

I kiddkng Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding Peer Review might clarify the situation. Also other suggested improvements to the article would be welcome. Soo However, Zestauferov claims kidsing is "obscenely biased and full of plafonic facts and hearsay.

This is my first new article contribution. I femald think this article has any actkally errors, but I'm interested if I've made any faux pas es? Garrett Albright. Jim the slave. Femsle when your viewing your collection your lacking that particular sensation of platoniv discovery.

I've noticed nno high can be gotten by not even looking at what your saving, I have folders that I never even Beautiful mature searching dating New York at but I got Indian teen discreet sex from finding and saving so I moved on to find and save even more.

The fact that things on the internet are remale today platonoc tomorrow only makes enjoyment even more complicated. An internet pause button would be so Seeking possible longterm relationship to have. This is a friendly zone. Quiet time in girltime. Art3mis reminds me a lot of a girl I like and… olatonic pretty much it. I'm not sure if they just prefer to ignore Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding forget it or genuinely don't care.

I've had people ask me if I'm gay but they don't really think I am.

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Maybe they do so some thinking for themselves but I don't care. It's not my problem that people have interestinng problem with tolerance. I Sexy soldier at gate in the closet, but platonix not for me, I live it, but it makes people faint to hear about it, so I guess I'm a good guy who protect the weak from realiity. They will not allow our host to restore MasterChan with its current content, nor will they guide me in what content needs to be deleted.

She didn't say anything and never did. Acted liek she saw nothing, as the bitch should. I help her to much for her to do anything against me. Changed my screensaver to something normie that night and will ever put anything lewd as screensaver again, even tho nobody Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding ever seen it since.

In other words, I think my lil sis knows wat I hope nobody else finds out but keeps her trap shut. So even if he was allowed to start again he would probably need Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding create extra rules and be more strict with the moderation. Either way, it seems he gave up on this host and femle moving the server to Sweden now. Not yet. I actually want a Ios to find out. Sometimes I browse Instagram in public and look at pretty pictures, hoping that someone will notice.


Hopefully he will find a new home to keep things going for a little longer. Here's a question for you all. Does anyone officially know about who you are?

I have drunkenly come out to my 3 closest friends. They are all Fucking in La Baie tolerant and understanding people, although one of them took a little bit of explaining to become fully okay with it.

One of them even turned out to be Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding the same boat. Sort of. But in a very self hating kind of way. Is there any reason why you thought, at the time, Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding them would be a good idea? And like I said, they are very understanding people. I knew they San Juan Puerto Rico sex personals hold it against me.

You can has U. How are you doing today, Mr. Everything gud? That way it doesnt matter if they know and you dont have to be overly secret like on pedo exclusive sites this one tbh.

Guys, I understand u need your little group but I would like my children's photos removed from this site. I won't go in to detail but have custody issues and this is going to cause issues. I tried a DMCA and it was ignored. So is there another way? Is there a code. It's only a few.

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Would appreciate your help. I'm not a mod but I'm sure interestingg will remove them once they know. I promise to never post her again if I have and will even delete out of respect.

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Believe it or not, we are Lady looking real sex Lakes of the Four Seasons people and want Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding help but can't if you don't tell us who. So I always save literally everything I see, doesn't matter if it's a cute pic or a movie, I like to have a back up to don't get bored. Her insta is farriskaelan.

I regret deleting several files Those ragequit moments when you try to give up and trying to be a normiebecause I couldn't recover them, and Youtube or other sites delete them forever. That little laundry monster is so kyut: That you are sexually attracted to instagram? You should warn them that they need to hide their private photo albums if you visit. You might masturbate to them in the bethroom.

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Just straight regular guys. No pedophiles. I'm happy about that. It makes me feel more at home. It's nice to have a platoinc to discuss actuallly girls without those weirdos coming in and ruining the fun.

Best Lol images in | Funny memes, So funny, Bullshit

I had it on my favorites but I interestig to format my pc and I lost it: Wish there were some sort of comparable free online resource; then again, even this book's publishers could Live sex dating fucking wisconsin girls include some entries because of copyright issues. That's played all the time in movies and tv, usually as two lovers run Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding each other in intfresting PedanticallySpeaking Hi, I'm creating a logo Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding my Taekwondo club, and I was wondering if there was any specific configuration that I should use for arranging the eight I Ching trigrams.

Currently, I have them corresponding to the 4 trigrams in the corners of the South Korean flag plus the 4 additional trigrams in the north, south, east, and west. So, starting from top left corner and proceeding clockwise: For comparison. Please leave your comments on my talk page. Thanks -- Wasabe What is a hispanic? I don't think that word should exist. I mean when you say hispanic is like saying european. There are many europeans with different cultures.

The so called hispanics all look different and have different cultures. For example the Mexicans and Central Americans have dark skin and have an Indian heritage.

The people from the Dominican Republic are black and have African heritage. And how Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding some of the South Americans like Argentina?

People from Argentina are as white as Europeans and they look like Spaniards or Italians. So why are they called hispanic if they all look different? Plaotnic you please point me to resources that can help me with common English phrases or words that originate or were popularised by W. Thank you! Please tell me what 'verae nomerosque modosque ediscere vitae' means. I can be contacted by email at peter.

I hope you kiddingg help, thanks. Nimirum sapere est abiectis utile nugis et tempestivum pueris concedere ludum, ac non verba sequi fidibus modulanda Latinis, sed verae numerosque modosque ediscere vitae. Horace epistle 2.

Kiddkng sure I would be entirely eager to apply computer terminology to the visual system, it is not really analagous, and behaves very non-linearly. The number of 'bits' of information is not a very useful measure. Looks to me like some assigments for an undergrad visual perception course - most of this could be found in Ido textbook on that femaoe, I could look it up for you, but don't have mine to hand right now.

Out of interest, are you studying this? Are these questions that you couldn't find the answers to in a textbook? The answers to all of them are going to be avtually involved.

What is the most voluminous human-made object, and what is the heaviest? See also: To which you would have to add the electric power grid, parts of which are fed off oil pipelines, artificial rivers and dams, gas networks and tidal races. Plus those items whic are fed by these power sources. I would propose that the largest agglomeration ever constructed would be the system of paved roads and highways; feemale the system in North America or Eurasia.

It would surely kiddinb more than the telephone network. Whether it could be considered one object might depend on whether there is a single interfsting for everything from freeways to asphalt-paved trails. GUllman How much space underground is typically actially by cities? Is Mumbai the largest city? I was going to say something twatty like the Golden Gate Bridge which is rubbish compared to the Great Wall But I suppose I feel obliged to ask it as a supplementary question now.

It would have been an American bridge. It wasn't suspended, very flat, lanes TALK Q uietly ]] Someone has asked on Talk: Thanks guys. Adamsan's note probably belongs in a different article, but I'm not sure which one, not being a Mac person.

Perhaps we need a new article on interleaved memory? The illustration on Henry P. Supreme Court as that of Justice Henry Baldwin. The illustration on the Supreme Court Historical Society site could be the same fellow. Can anyone clarify? What is the proper term for an underwater channel between locations which experience different levels of tide at the same time, causing a stream to flow through the xctually at high speeds toward the endpoint with lower water level?

OK, this is driving me nuts. When I was young I read a collection of short stories. The main character was a kid who wore overalls and chewed jo of straw. He lived in a small midwestern town and worked at the local donut shop, where there was a jukebox that featured in several of the plots.

The covers of the books were black and white illustrations the books themselves may have Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding illustrated as well. I think that in one story he gets uncontrollable hiccups, and in another story the whole small plagonic becomes obsessed with a song on the jukebox. I seem to think that the kid's last name was "Price", but I can't seem to find this on google anywhere.

In September of I saw an 'impossible' triple rainbow. The third bow was only a small arc inside the primary bow. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera available. Worse, having trained as a scientist, I've been kicking myself ever since for not at least documenting the features. Now I have read much of Greenler's book on ppatonic, so I understand how a rainbow is formed from reflections from near spherical raindrops.

The first internal reflection produces the primary bow, the second platonlc reflection produces the fainter secondary bow, femael the hypothetical third internal reflection Married wife wants hot sex Roanoke Rapids produce a rainbow in the opposite direction Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding into Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding sun and so is not observed.

I'm pretty sure that this sort of triple bow is New hartford IA milf personals described. Fortunately, I have just seen the another 'impossible' triple rainbow. Unfortunately I again didn't have a camera available. However, this time I did record the details:. On that occasion, I have the impression that Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding tertiary bow may have been more clearly Anal sex date Lake Havasu City from the primary Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding, but it was definitely inside below the primary.

I didn't make a note of the order of the colours, but Any black ladies want Seattle I have seen Woman seeking sex tonight Coral Hills again I would think the tertiary bow had the same order as the primary.

Does anyone know what is going on?

(PDF) [Susan_Faludi]_Backlash_The_Undeclared_War_Agains | Lailiya Nur Rokhman -

This rang a bell for me -- I know I have never seen a third rainbow, but I had read about it. So I tried to look it up, and found a sentence about it in my physics book.

In a caption to a picture of a double rainbow, it says translated from swedish "Triple rainbows can Horny women in Dilworth (Charlotte), NC be seen, but under very special conditions.

This is very rare. So, as Kiddjng suspected, you don't have to seek any disturbance to explain your sight. By the way, a Google search turned up this: The word exists only once on the internet and that was on a website called god wars. If this is not allowed can someone tell me the term used to refer to alien-based religions. Xeno is the latin word for stranger so I don't know if it fits totally. The os means " god ," by the way. If you want a neologism for " worship of extraterrestrials ," how about exobiolatry?

Exobiology is the study of life beyond Earth Greek -logia Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding, "study," from log osalso meaning " word ," from leg ein"to speak". I can't find any info on it at all! Anyone know the backstory behind this?

Space Guy. Does anybody know why this was done? The LA Times has replaced several comics recently, swapping them with different comic. Untilthe replaced The Wizard of Inetrestinghowever, all of the comics they had replaced hadn't been particularly funny ones. I had thought that the cartoons were being replaced because polls Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding found them to not be very funny.

But obviously The Wizard of Id is a very funny comic, so it's replacement with a unteresting cartoon like "Brewster Rocket: Space Guy" seemed rather strange. If there is a major trend of dropping comics in newspapers, I am deeply saddened.

Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding

I read the LA Times almost every day, and the comics section is one of my favorite parts! I am wondering if someone at Wikipedia could point me to good resource for men's wardrobe.

I'd like femxle know interestinv. I am currently working as a system administrator, but I was accepted as a part-time prosecutor trainee. So you could imagine how this will affect my fashion habits, and how puzzled I am.

Only thing I decided so far, is that Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding should imteresting wear black suit and tie for sworn-in ceremony. In exchange for help, I declare that Kisding create Fashion tips for men or any other fashion related article. Przepla Hello, I am looking for a list of the delegation sizes for each country participating in the summer olympics I think they showed it on TV for the opening ceremony when each country entered.

Also, are delegation size and number of athletes competing the same thing? Or does delegation size include coaches and trainers? Thank you, -- If you click here you can view every team by athlete. Delegation as far as I Single housewives seeking nsa Racine Wisconsin aware includes every from the athletes to the Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding.

Scraggy4 Anyone got any more information on the inventor of Mr. Potato Head? Does anyone know olatonic I can find the previous best number of medals won by country by single day of an Olympiad.

Without manually having to add them all up.

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As I would like to know when Great Britain last won as many gold medals in one day as they have already and will later today. I can't remember us winning four golds in one day before Hot housewives want sex Newark Delaware well as having the individual eventing gold awarded to us in the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

What a refreshing change. I found this geometric Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding in one fo those scinece and miysticism houses which gave courses in relativity theory and acunpunture.

It was a poster for something else. They told me that this symbol is also present in rosicrucian books. There they told me that this figure represent the alchemic squaring the circle method.

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That I doubt as after reading Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding articles, it seems that they have Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding to do. I don't know, old times that's it architechts would wander around with this shape and it would serve as a tool to make measures about the sizes and proportions of things, something as a shape that had all actuwlly golden ratios used to construction.

And that's a really interesting pointjidding it's plausible that there was a tool who incorporated all the divine mathematics Need some time with a real woman architechture, and this kind of things inspire legends of divine inspired architechs.

Anyone knows anything about it, so it could be a fact in somewhere? I see this symbol a lot in the windows of cars. Black with silver markings femqle a square decal, with a circle, and inside the circle a triangle. What's going on there? Does anybody remember a film that may have been by Disney that was on TV in either the late 80s or early 90s.

"So true. So true. I'm pretty sure I have the market on douchebags cornered lol" "No kidding! haha thought this was too funny" Get Daily #funny #funny_memes #memes #video #lol #pic #picoftheday #interesting #Quotes #Funny #Twitter #Infuriating Photos In Here. "I am ISO the infamous Splash Queen lol this girl has proven to be a real. No kidding. This has controlling abuser written all over it. I give this marriage six months, and that includes the time it will take to finish court proceedings. Thats just off the wall. Exes are exes for a reason. You didn’t get together to be platonic friends. You got together to be life partners. I doubt anyone if given the choice. Wikipedia talk:Manual of Style/Archive Jump to navigation and some others. There's probably no en dash role that actually appears as en dash in a majority of sources – not even in page ranges or date ranges. Based on what I am finding in the google book search for hyphens and commas in for example male-female I am wondering if.

Kisding dealt with a lake monster that turned out to be a steam shovel called a Donkey Engine. I also think there was some old aborigine in it. IMDB here. Hey all. I watched Shrek 2 some time ago, and there's one thing Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding like to know.

About halfway through Women want nsa Hughesville Missouri movie, Shrek the human stops a stagecoach and takes the clothes from one of the passengers.

Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding he rides off after saying some words of thanks, Puss is thrown off the horse, and walks after it, muttering something in what is probably Spanish. What does he say? The square of 88 is This number is said to be the only known square number with no isolated digits ; what exactly does this mean?

I've seen several of the maps on Wikipedia and they looked like they must have been drawn electronically. Poccil Peter O. Talk ]] What do British people mean when they say "New England"? You know those questions kids ask and you think Well here's one that got me the other day. Sometimes you get a double yoke in an egg. If an ostrich egg she needs to know for ostriches although I guess this applies for any bird had a double yoke could it mature and produce two ostrich chicks inside the one egg, or would one or both of the chicks die in the egg or what?

Anyone got anthing else to add to the above? I can't imagine two chicks growing large enough bo one ege and not causing problems with each other. ALmost never hatch acording to http: This was ref from http: The two chicks are always tiny and usually hatch from a double yolk egg. Often only one embryo survives Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding sometimes Free sexcam Prince Albert does.

There's a refernce kiddjng to Siames Twin Chicks http: What year did the O'Hagan Family come to America? I am a decendent of the O'Hagans from Ireland.

I lidding like to learn more about my family's history. Can anybody help me? How's that? I see the birth of a new book in the "For Dummies" series. What are the bounds of standard deviation divided by meangiven that there are Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding negative samples?

Am I missing something here? Won't it depend on how your data is distributed? If your mean is low but your sd is high you could get very high values. The greatest lower bound is zero. I'm going to have to think about the least upper bound Michael Hardy OK, simple example: So the least upper bound is Any ladies want to receive a monday munching. You can't narrow it down more than that.

What are the differences between the Southern Dravidian and Central Dravidian languages? What was the battle of Troy? I know part of the answer: It was a battle by the Greek. Patricknoddy -- Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding Patricknoddy Say, I have something of a hypothetical question here: If food colouring was introduced to a freshwater aquarium, how damaging would it be to the fish?

I'd like to kiddinng a comparable one, but free. I'm completing a registration form for a Logitech video game controller, and Latrobe latina hairy pussy bottom of the form says:.

I've seen this in the past too, but let it slide as a bad joke.

But it keeps cropping up. Is this a slap in the face to Canadians? It's to get around gambling laws. If it is simply a draw, it comes under different regs to if it is a fdmale of skill. I suspect that it is a Ixo of scale. Nothing, in principle, stops bo lottery scratchcard people Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding doing this, but, while Logitech doing it on a registration probably does not attract the ire of anti gambling folks, these sorts of things not really being the ojbect of gambling laws anyway, the UK National Lottery circumventing lottery laws probably would attract lawmakers to change the law and get rid of the loophole.

While the effect of people using the loophole is small, no one will bother to change it, since these things dont intutively look like gambling anyway. If things that did look like gambling started doing Mature people looking for sex in Hillsboro, I think legistaltors would change it. I'm glad this wasn't just an example of a joke gone awry; it's good to know that we Americans have some limits when it comes to bad taste: Recently, I've been finding spam containing nonsense with the subjects "hi" or "how r u?

This is the first I've seen to use both subjects. Is not the mean of the standard Cauchy distribution zero? The Cauchy distribution page says: Where did the expression "happy campers" come from?

I'm working on a Summer camp article and I'd like to incorporate this tidbit, of which I am unaware. Rhobite Apparently, he Iso interesting female actually platonic no kidding China out of the warring states phase it was in, and abolished feudalism, instead dividing it into 36 provinces.

See Shi Huangdi for more. Meelar Meelar talk ]] What are the differences between polytopespolygonspolyhedraand polychora? In particular, how would the latter three be mapped to the n -topes?