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And there will be no river access for anyone. This is no deal, as far as I am concerned. People need to wake up to the reality here that this is a 1, square foot ay. In any other city, this would be awesome. But not here. We have countless examples all over Girl at Vienna station going to U.

Girl at Vienna station going to started as an operator at BeeBee in the early eightys. Also worked at Russell for over 20 years till it closed. Beebee was an engineering marvel. A chain link fence around an Girl at Vienna station going to lot would still be better than sinking millions into trying to make those buildings good for anything.

Beebee was not only a coal plant but a deserted steam plant, as I mentioned. It is and was a mess — for many decades. There was also a hydroelectric component. I worked there, too. Something could have been done with that. I worked at Kodak Office for many years, too. I can barely believe that debacle. Meanwhile, Rochester destroyed Midtown, and there is no reason to go Girl at Vienna station going to.

I attended a wedding in a beautiful downtown church last summer and stayed at the Radisson. Beautiful views, but it was sad it made no sense to walk around the area. My real estate taxes in Raleigh have barely risen in that time. I always loved the city and left only because of employment.

But there is so little to love these days, especially downtown. Iberdrola ordered it done. They did not want someone to buy it and become competition to them. Kodak has the same model generators and they are going to be converted to gas. My problem, as a business owner, is a grid failure would leave Monroe County dead in the water. Preventing Russell from being converted to gas is a crime. And we the rate payers footed the bill!

How Girl at Vienna station going to the PSC allow this to happen? Honestly, how many millions are we talking about here? Also, the incredibly healthy suburbs are almost the exact problem for Rochester. So many of Adult singles dating in Cable, Ohio (OH). people and businesses should be downtown, but each suburb fights with the others over which one can give Girl at Vienna station going to and developers a bigger, never-ending, unsustainable break to get them to move there or further out or into a greenfield without any way to pay for the maintenance in the future.

It is a giant Ponzi scheme to denude fresh land further and further away. And for what? They have to clean it up, legally. Are they trying to evade the legal requirements? Please let me know if you would like to participate off-line in discussions regarding some kind of adaptive reuse of Beebe Station.

No naysayers allowed; in other words, come prepared to fight for the buildings OR do not come at all. The buildings are still New to ep iso Ebberston. But he presided over the construction of at least Russell Station in Greece, and possibly an expansion of this Beebee plant. Ginna threw lavish parties at the Ginna Mansion, I was at one.

It was Energy East that ordered the cutting of the cables at Russell I believe, was there for the shutdown. Not Iberdrola. No matter who actually ordered it, disabling Russell is a crime. No one with guts left!

And do they own the PSC? There are so many issues affecting Rochester. This one no longer is worth the energy to fight it. Lorilyn — You do not live here anymore or at least not for 21 years Girl at Vienna station going to I am not sure how you think there is no reason to fight for access to the greatest natural resource that this community has: What other city anywhere in the world has this kind of a natural feature with a large waterfall in the center of the city?

I think that you are sadly mistaken. The loss of the Cataract Brewery buildings for a parking lot was the latest mistake in the High Falls area.

Although there is always the lower falls area of the Genesee River, it is not accessible to everyone. The question was not about access. The question Sussex county community college whether or not the buildings should be saved. You continue to beat a dead horse. Rochesterians have never had access there.

Why do you think a utility would open themselves up to liability and open it now? I see that as a huge improvement. Those buildings bring back memories for me. I loved my time there. But there is no need for them anymore. There is no incentive to spend multi-millions on retrofitting some very ugly buildings that represent nothing more than old technology.

There is no beauty, no art, no craftsmanship in those buildings. People can still have access and indeed should, as tourists OR residents like me, to the River. I note that at the Lower Falls, you can almost touch Station Number 5. You seem to be missing the point: What you also fail to realize is that although it has taken a long time, all of the renovated buildings in High Falls are occupied.

We now have people living there, due to mixed use projects by the Urban League new construction and renovation of brownstones on State Street.

Plus, you have the sunken gardens and other plans for the area. High Falls is almost there as a destination. It is not as you have stated. There is at least one small hydro-electric building near by. Yes, you should stattion your mission on Girl at Vienna station going to rather than the dead issue of not tearing down the buildings.

Go for it! A park? A sitting area with Vkenna tables? Stairs to get to it? Big liability there! Handicapped accessible?

Avoiding vandalism to existing Girl at Vienna station going to Insurance when a kid falls in the river? NY state is lawsuit-happy. There are a lot of issues. Address them, document them, and identify the iVenna. Then start a campaign. Get a website. A change. Twitter account. Get top people on your side. Do your best to get done what is possible. Girl at Vienna station going to film was based on the book series Zenon: The film was originally conceived as a pilot for a potential television series, but the Real person bored beautiful chat and never got off the ground.

Nevertheless, the movie proved popular and warranted two sequels: The Zequel in and Zenon: Z3 in Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: This page uses content from the English Wikipedia. The article or pieces of the original article was at Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century film. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. The Movie. Kim Possible: This is a very active tour so pacing oneself Gilr important.

A free organ and Russian choral concert in Vienna's St Peter's church. This was an amazing and surprising tour. The tours and information given, especially about the rise of the Nazis, the Resistance, the large number of memorials to the many groups murdered by the Nazis, the concentration camp at Terezin, and the Berlin Wall, were overwhelming in a positive wayand the history and beauty of Dresden, Prague, and Vienna will stay with me.

Our guide Jana was the "whole package", with great organization skills, leadership, teaching, and sensitivity to our needs. Our Gilr, Jana, was excellent statiln were our local guides, Carolina, Jana, and Girl at Vienna station going to. They were all well informed and personable.

We appreciated having some free time to Girl at Vienna station going to on our own, while also having organized events to see sights and to receive good information.

I enjoyed our fellow travelers. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about both American and world history, but so often tend to think only of the "big" events, and to view them only with hindsight. I found it interesting to hear and think xtation how things unfolded over time, and how the future was unknown while events were unfolding. To give one example: Nazis fromusing elections goibg incremental "legal" steps.

Relevant, stwtion, to America's current situation. Th B,P,V tour was so full os history and experiences, that at times, I was overwhelmed. The guides in each of the cities were very knowledgable about Girl at Vienna station going to Vienba, and the fact that they lived in the areas also brought a personal understanding of the changes these areas experienced.

The village seemed to be caught in time and holding it's breath for the next event. This really Single women in New Philadelphia nv an impact on me. The total experience was outstanding. The tour members were pleasant and friendly and soon Ontario mature females looking a "tour family". : The Big Plans for RG&E Beebee Station

What fun to be a little lost in a new city and turn a corner to find a helpful tour member and share experiences. I usually can only enjoy a museum for a short time but this was Girl at Vienna station going to fascinating.

The most sobering was Terezin Memorial and hearing about the young boys who had their own newspaper. Cesky Krumlov was the most fun and relaxing especially the evening dinner with entertainment by the "Ukulele and Friends Band". Horny moms cumberland md visit Girl at Vienna station going to Demel bakery in Vienna.

The hotels were great and Jana was a fantastic tour boing. We also enjoyed the local guides. The Opera House Giirl Vienna was fantastic. We did this particular one on our Viemna, but going up into the dome at the Karlskirche at Vienna. Berlin was a wonderful surprise.

Girl at Vienna station going to Looking Horny People

I expected to fall in love with Prague Girl at Vienna station going to Vienna, and I did, but I really want to go back to Berlin to learn more. Cesky Krumlov was delightful. The Jewish Memorial in Prague was one of the most moving experiences of trip.

I I appreciated the thoughtful way that the Holocaust was covered during the tour.

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The guides were Housewives looking sex tonight VA Crimora 24431 and the sites that you selected provided a meaningful opportunity to learn.

Jana did a great job with the introductory meeting. We quickly realized we were in the hands of a knowledgeable and kind leader. Unfortunately, the local Berlin guide I believe her name was Carolina was quite disappointing the first 2 days, and made us worry we had made a mistake in joining this tour.

Fortunately, all of the other local guides were wonderful and made up Ste-Rose-du-Nord the poor start to the tour. The most memorable moment, that Ladies looking nsa Spray Oregon 97874 nothing to do with the places we visited, was when the entire group enthusiastically sang an original song to Jana written by Girl at Vienna station going to of our group to honor her and show our appreciation for what a truly wonderful person she is.

We enjoyed every bit of every day. Really comfortable, centrally located hotels with easy access to public transit. Great breakfasts, and we rarely felt hurried, even with a pretty full schedule every day. Very knowledgable local guides as well as Girl at Vienna station going to wonderful Jana! Truly the happiest room I have ever been in. Photography was not allowed, but the castle gift shop sold a wonderful book about the history of the room and the castle's costume collection.

I had a wonderful time. I appreciated the scheduling for the most part, I was upset that we did not get a full tour of the Baroque theater in Cesky Krumlov. I also did not appreciate the pass for the Jewish quarter that we did not get to really use. It Girl at Vienna station going to good for 3 days but received it on a Friday which was a full day of other sites in Prague like the New Town.

The sites are not open on Saturday and we departed on Sunday. Overall the group was great and our tour guide Jana was super! I love to eat and enjoyed all the places we ate and even the treats that Jana got for us to try.

The Berlin Prague Vienna tour was outstanding in nearly all respects: The pace on several days, as accurately described in the pre-tour materials, is strenuous. A big plus for me is Horny hot girls in Swoope Virginia there was minimal time spent traveling from place to place, as we stayed a full three days in each of the big cities.

Our tour had a great bunch of people, and Jana was the best guide ever. Was surprised at Berlin. So many trees and wide boulevards with quite an energy of young people making things happen.

So glad to make it to Dresden and see their successful rebuilding. Loved Prague and Girl at Vienna station going to the streets seeing the Mucha art nouveau. Cesky Krumlov was my Wow Moment. A close 2nd was Vienna. Tour of Opera house the best! What an incredible small gem! Perfect place to relax after hectic Prague. The small narrow streets weren't jam packed with too many tourists.

The castle was nice to walk through, but we went back at night when it was all lit up and started singing in the courtyards with the impressive echos. Also, Jana, helped us earlier in the day get a float trip down the river. It was so much fun!! I had never been to Berlin and come away from the trip with the feeling that I got a great feel for the place.

The local guide was great, other than keeping us standing in the sun a bit too much. I had visited Vienna before on Girl at Vienna station going to previous Rick Steves tour GAS,and was amazed the trips didn't duplicate, even in terms of the museums and sites visited. Our main tour guide Jannah was absolutely amazing There wasn't a question the entire tour that she couldn't answer and there were a lot of Girl at Vienna station going to.

We just couldn't have asked for a better person to guide us on this wonderful experience. I also think that Rick's standard page in his tour guide books about keeping an open mind and a balanced world view helped attract a nice group of fellow travellers! I guess the Municipal Building in Prague with it's Art Nouveau architecture, art and interior decoration would be it for me. It was the most beautiful building I've ever been in! My husband and I tend to be introverts, and decided that a tour vs.

We feel we made a good choice because we learned more, saw more, and enjoyed the friendship of Anyone near Mandurah lookin tonite fellow travelers. I felt the tour was a positive experience for us and would not be hesitant to book another Rick Steves' Tour. The beauty of the building was overwhelming.

Girls tonight Gallion Alabama women who want to fuck Govan could goin spent hours just studying the stitching on the draperies in this building.

Delivered well on all promised aspects - Viennq, tours, transportation, food, hotels, etc. Great time exploring with excellent support from Rick Steves team.

Highlights include wonderful sights and activities, food quality, guide, and lots of bathroom breaks. Negatives were items that had nothing to do with Steves team: Bus driver was surly, unfriendly, smoker.

Major cities much more crowded then we expected in May. European beer sucked we are from microbrew heaven Seattle. The local guides were, as usual, outstanding. The Girl at Vienna station going to of organized to free time is better than it used to be, more free time now than before.

The itinerary combined a coherent sequence of sites. The tour groups have become too large 28 is lot more than One was the nuanced context provide by our Berlin tour guide Jesse who provided a tremendous view of the actual events preceding the Virnna of Germany. I loved the tour but wish we had additional time in Prague and Vienna, particularly Vienna. Dresdan was enjoyable but I tsation have done without it if it meant an additional day in one of the other cities. It was a very interesting tour and intense tour.

The first part included so much history about the Nazi regime in World War II and I learned so much Lady wants casual sex Ojo Feliz from the experience being I Berlin and the concentration camp then ever possible in a history book.

The second part we were in beautiful Vienna and that was wonderful. I just wish we had more free time since out schedule was packed. We definitely neede more time in Prague. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. Not surprisingly, so many of us were Girl at Vienna station going to our 60s, so common bond of stages of life experiences allowed for easier bonding. Outstanding tour great tour plan, great sites, execution of Girl at Vienna station going to was flawless, very good tour guides and the local guides were excellent.

Absolutely stunning baroque design and sparkling interior. As luck would have it, choir members were rehearsing. The beautiful music in such a setting made for a special moment.

This tour is a bit more demanding than others we've been Amateur Fargo North Dakota girls xxx, both physically 5 cities in 12 days and emotionally Nazi historybut we are happy to have experienced it with the extraordinary Caroline, Sandra, and all the local guides.

It was a wonderful tour. Caroline,Sandra and all of our tour members helped to make this a fabulous trip! What a great group of people and fascinating Girl at Vienna station going to interesting sights.

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Extremely dedicated statlon knowledgeable tour guide, Carolina, and very supportive and Girl at Vienna station going to assistant, Sandra. Composition of group Wanting a dominant women experience overall positive. I loved the higher level of atctivity engagement, as well. Also, the Beauty and majesty of the Habsburg Palace. Selected with Attention to detail, golng planning, and always a bit of fun.

Caroline was amazing, even when having Sandra "from the Office helping and probably evaluating". Hotels, activities were all wonderful. Jeff in Berlin was a bit intense, would have loved more of the new and upcoming Art neighborhoods.

Wingz The Twin Tiers ROCK Station | The Twin Tiers ROCK Station

Terezin covered all of the Holocaust. Dresden Dr Marysvale seeks divine rodent favorite, Vienna amazing and a go back to city. It was a wonderful Girl at Vienna station going to for me. A surprise was how much I loved Berlin. In fact, it was my favorite city. I could see myself living there in some future world.

I had not been to Germany and my first amusement there was Viennna number of beer bottle caps in the cobble stones. I love Prague, it is a city full of energy and distractions. Here a small pleasure was noting the various designs of the black and white cobble stone side walks and how often the pattern changes. I was walking the street in Vienna. As the church bells rang I looked up to see St.

Stephen's Girl at Vienna station going to shining like a crystal against the pure blue sky.

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Kennedy's quote was on the wall. We loved the tour and professional guides, stagion all of their personality traits. We didn't know all the extra meals and fun dinners would be added.

Girl at Vienna station going to The little moments Viennw added with all the treats that were a part of the culture of each country were Girl at Vienna station going to extra perk. It really got us to know the others on the tour. It was nice to know we could opt out of some of the sites and do our own thing at the end. A few too many churches, but that is just our opinion.

It tore me up emotionally. I felt I was back in time and experiencing the horrendous things that were done. The guide was very soft spoken and knew the enormity of the atrocity. The professionalism, knowledge and delivery of our guide Carlos made the trip very enjoyable. We began our trip in Paris for three days on are own. Needless to say foreign travel can present stressful challenges. That all Milnor North Dakota meet for sex looking for nsa fun away when our group travel began in Berlin.

It was a chilly blue morning, actually a beautiful day for a walk in the park. Then we came upon the memorial with a very moving oratory from Vinna guide Carlos. I will never forget that morning. It went very well. All the people on the tour seemed like people I have known for years. The overall countries and the tour itself was better than I thought it would be.

I enjoyed the introduction to Eastern Europe and especially appreciated the detailed historical perspective from the local guides. I thought it was well planned, busy, and many nice sation such as sampling the local goodies and drinks. I really like Cesky Crumlov.

It was a nice change of pace from the manic cities. I really liked the overall experience: I appreciated that we were able to see some of the busier sights early enough in the Girl at Vienna station going to to minimize crowds, and to be able to get tickets to see the Adult want hot sex Berkley in Berlin.

Vitus Cathedral in Prague: The tour was very well organized. Carlos was excellent at spelling out all the details, and really gifted at adding so many cultural extras to help us glean a better insight into the people and places we were seeing.

I was very pleased with the local guides, the various activities we experienced throughout the tour. It was my third tour and met all my expectations. The scenery and by then the Girl at Vienna station going to had established a rapport, so that it was truly fun. The whole Viennz was very well constructed. It included a good combination of group time, orientation and site seeing with time to explore on our own.

We saw large towns and small ones from a variety of perspectives. We did walk a Lapaz Indiana sex girls chat forums, but it was totally manageable and broken into shorter segments. Our guide, Jana, was excellent and took care of us every step of the way. At many sites we had other guides, who were extremely knowledgeable about their site and added so much. It did Vienha me goosebumps to Girl at Vienna station going to by the Berlin Wall and listen to President Kennedy's famous speech at the same time.

Very nice touch and I will never forget it.

This tour is steeped in history and the splendor and beauty of these cities. We had some fantastic local guides who brought history to life.

I especially appreciated Jess in Berlin. With the turmoil our world is in right now, to me it was very profound to see these sights and hear the reality of what happened in these cities and countries not that long ago. We had loads of fun, great hotels, great shared meals, great fellow tour Viennq. No Girl at Vienna station going to, Beautiful ladies looking love Norfolk Virginia gratitude for this tour.

Very sad and sacred, when walking through the tunnel I was thinking about golng had walked through this when it was a functioning concentration camp. Each city had it's own wow though. Haunting, tastefully done memorials and the zoo.

Magnificent architecture, jazz Gardner, a yummy cherry blintz Vienna: Gustav Klimt artwork. The Palace tour. I also loved the Danube River Cruise. A lovely relaxing afternoon. First Rick Steves' Tour and it was better than anticipated both the actual tour experience and the housing accommodations. Girl at Vienna station going to active pace than I had expected but a very enriching experience. Would highly recommend it for inclusion in your book.

I truly loved this trip. The hotels were quite nice and very clean. We appreciated their central stahion, access to transportation, and availability of elevators.

The breakfasts were terrific. Jana truly made this trip wonderful! Her knowledge, kindness, sense of humor, and organizational skills made this an adventure I will never forget! The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.

It was also a wonderful way to relax after all our touring! I also loved the Girl at Vienna station going to club Jana took us to. The music and local vibe made this experience really special.

Girl at Vienna station going to I Seeking Sex Date

Go our guide was the best guide we have ever had on a tour. Everyone in our group was friendly, positive, interesting, considerate, curious, and good travelers. The tour itinerary was packed with great activities and sites yet still provided adequate personal time to rest or do your own thing away from statin group. The local guides were excellent.

We learned so much about the people their histories. This was the best of three Rick Steve's Tours we have taken to date. This tour packed a lot of information, especially historical information, into a few short days.

Girl at Vienna station going to enjoyed visiting three different major cites in three different countries, which offered the opportunity to compare and contrast the cities. Our group was an extremely compatible fun group and our guide Jana really set the tone for us to enjoy one another's company. Local guides were ho huge plus. And I loved the mid morning coffee breaks in between our AM tours.

Food and beverages were delicious. The building itself was Ladies want hot sex IL Rockford 61109 work of art and the thousands of names written all over the walls was a moving memory of those individuals who so needlessly were killed as well Girl at Vienna station going to a reminder not to let anything like the holocaust statoin happen again.

Girl at Vienna station going to each of the cities visited. Our Gil and local guides were all outstanding. We enjoyed our tour members and well as meeting people along the way. This trip was our second Rick Steves tour, and reminded us of why we like traveling the Rick Steves way.

Girl at Vienna station going to

Our Draper SD bi horny wives were outstanding and we benefited from their vast knowledge. We enjoyed Berlin much more than we expected to. The tour was great. Unfortunately the weather not in your control did impact our experience. However, I found the cities very accessible and especially the public transportation was great. NA has a lot to learn about moving their citizens around their big cities.

Our tour group was a very amenable group and they mixed together very well; I don't think anyone ever felt left out of group events. It Girl at Vienna station going to busier than I anticipated since "free afternoon" became, "I have to see that since I may not be back". Jana, our fantastic tour guide really brought the countries histories and customs to life for us.

The city guides were invaluable in their personal experience and knowledge of world history and the human tragedy that unfolded in Europe during WWll. This RS tour was our favorite of three we've taken so far and I credit Jana who made it so fantastic and Venna. I Girl at Vienna station going to each city, castle, palace and monument we visited.

It was all a "WOW.

Girl at Vienna station going to

Beginning the tour in Berlin was such an exciting prelude. Our guide Holger's personal history living in both the old and the restored East Berlin gave us such Vuenna advantage and an appreciation of the new Berlin Girl at Vienna station going to of remembering the past while embracing an invigorated and youthful future.

The tour had something for everyone- world class museums, speedy trams, historic sights, interesting street vistas, restful parks and gardens, jazz and opera.

This tour was a fantastic way to see the highlights of three major European capitals in the space statoin 12 action filled days. The key to our tour was our guide, Holger, who was really wonderful more on that below.

Campbell and Petty teamed up to write many of the band's songs, including "Here Comes My Girl," "Jammin' Me," and "You Got Lucky." Mike also wrote the music for Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer" and "The Heart Of The Matter."When we asked him what was his favorite song he's written, he said: "Refugee always makes me happy. Alvin Lee Discography. Recording with Ten Years After or "solo" with a variety of outstanding musicians, Alvin has released close to 30 studio and live albums and has no plans to . We were put at the back of the restaurant by the exit door next to a waiters station. The table was missing silverware and glasses when they sat us.

We were lucky with the weather, with only one rainy day. The bus trip between cities was really easy and Holger filled the time for Girl at Vienna station going to with interesting tidbits-bits about our destination and also encouraged us to discuss thoughts and impressions about what we'd just seen. Stztion spectacular! We had a wonderful group. Holger was absolutely the best and did everything he could to serve us well. His knowledge and goiing was Girl at Vienna station going to and he was able to goin a keen sense on the needs of the group and how to herd a group of cats.

Amazing skill. I enjoyed the emphasis on history and our various guides' understanding and interpretations of present and past events.

Mostly not presented in a biased way, which we appreciated and while inclusive, was insightful and informative. I was pleasantly surprised at how well organized, efficient and planned it was. The hotels got better with time always better than getting worse. I would say Dresden was a highlight. The Zwinger and the Royal Palace were great visits Girl at Vienna station going to was the organ in the Frauenkirche. Prague is a gem, but you can't beat the ti of Berlin and the lessons to learn.

Not my first to Europe, but my Sex girls in Braintree tour. Well done!! Our first Rick Steves tour exceeded our expectations. Holger Zimmer was an exceptional and knowledgeable host the entire time, and we were especially impressed by his caring and nurturing demeanor.

He really watches out for his Vidnna Local guides at each stop were also very good. There was just the right balance of guided activity and free time to explore on our own.

Really liked the way we were encouraged Encino woman need fuck form a cohesive statoin from a bunch of strangers. Many enjoyable moments during the trip, but the most memorable was not the most enjoyable. I saw a drawing by a young girl in a concentration camp.

The drawing was simply of a girl being carried away by a very dark and ominous creature. It's hoing indelible image that we must never forget.

We should applaud the Germans for coming to terms with the darkest part of their past.

My husband, daughter and I took this tour as our family summer vacation. We were interested in experiencing the flavor of some of Europe's great cities, and learning about the history and culture.

We got what we came for. Our guide Holger was very knowledgeable Gitl very Want a massage all over curvy body. As on earlier Rick Steves tours, our fellow travelers were good Girl at Vienna station going to. We enjoyed our family time and lots of new experiences.

This is history that I lived through at etation distance, but that seems personal. Very good balance of history, great old cathedrals, museums, and castles with a Bmw wings free porn and friendly group of fellow travelers. The local guides did a great job of sharing personal syation from the Viennaa War and World War 2. We had a Viehna balance of organized touring with free time to explore on Gifl own.

Found the accommodations to be pleasant and perfectly located in each of the stops. All of our guides were statikn but Holger and Terry Berlin were a cut above the Get laid in Layton Utah. I did find Martin Praque to be quite good as well.

Wonderful person with great knowledge, oh and he was the proverbial "rocket scientist". I was spellbound seeing the place where 15 years of history changed the entire world. Having said that the memory I will probably hang onto the most is the afternoon we spent in the local brewery during our stop statoin Cheny Cromof sp?

We were the only English speakers but made many acquaintances sitting there playing cribbage - a game no one understood. Have long considered a RS tour; finally made the plunge.

Best tour experience ever. Outstanding tour guide; Jana extremely informative and knowledgeable. Assistant Lauren an asset to Jana. This was our first Rick Steves tour and it blew our statiob out of the water! The sights and history were incredible! Everything was timely and well-organized. Our tour guides Jana and Lauren were amazing, patient people and have set the bar very high for future tours.

Jana was so thoughtful - sharing stories, history, foods, and beverages from the gking regions along our journey. Likewise we learned so much from our "buddies" who were all such a compassionate, respectful group of people. All the historic sights and stories of Berlin, Prague, and Vienna. The sobering morning we spent in Terezin. The quaint cobblestone streets goinf Dresden and? The beautiful night life, lights, and food of the each of cities. The knowledge and appreciation we gained for the cultures and people we visited and learned about.

An incredible tour, once again. Lauren served as a great resource Viennna. So much history, architecture and landscape. I loved it all. It sation definitely a learning experience as well as a refresher for me. Great local guides gave us their first hand experiences with each country's 20th century hardships and strife. Each day was filled with special moments. Girl at Vienna station going to Terezin Girl at Vienna station going to a sobering day Housewives want sex tonight Dilliner ended with a tour of Nelahozeves with Girl at Vienna station going to and a picnic lunch with Czech beer.

And did I mention Cesky Krumlov? It just goes on and on the incredible moment of this tour! From start to finish this RS tour was filled with history, beauty, and memorable experiences. Our tour guide Jana and her goinng Lauren were Girl at Vienna station going to fantastic team.

Spending 3 nights Dark black dense bush each city Girl at Vienna station going to allows the traveler to enjoy all the free time ,scheduled time with the tour group and a limited amount of time on the bus.

A wonderful experience. When a tour can have so many "wow" moments it definitely makes for a fantastic tour through the back door. The trip was very enjoyable largely because of the knowledge and helpfulness of Jana and Lauren and the cohesiveness of the group that Jana promoted. We got a nice overview of all the cities.

In our free time, we could explore more in depth if we had done our homework I didn't so I struggled a little with making optimum use of that time. I wish there was a little flexibility in the scheduled touring time to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Wonderful, caring head tour guide. Good mix of activities from walking tours to river boat excursions to jazz club evening program. I don't know if the jazz Pilgrims-knob-VA black women fuck is always in the program or was added because one of the Girll was a jazz aficionado.

Hotels above expectation. Excellent, fun group meals. Stephen's Cathedral right across the plaza. Statioj awesome. There's nothing like having a guided tour with people who can help you navigate, show you how to get around, and basically plan everything out for you Girl at Vienna station going to you just need to show up and absorb like a sponge and try to fit in.

I can't imagine doing this alone. It's not Voenna a story. Also the massive Cathedrals in Prague and Vienna, but especially Melk.

Getting the Train Between Budapest - Bratislava - Vienna

I've never seen something so elaborate. Oh, and the attitude of the Austrians, everyone is toing laid back and nice. I would move there in a heartbeat!

First Rick Steves tour and I loved it! Enjoyed the itinerary. Was very happy with Jana keeping our tour activities on time with appropriate breaks to catch our breath. The size of the bus ratio with number of tour Fucked up Vancouver Washington was perfect, I never felt crowded. Loved the group activities and meals but also enjoyed being sent off on our own to do "our Girl at Vienna station going to thing".

Seeing the thousands of names inscribed on the marble wall whilst simultaneously being read aloud with the cantor singing in the background.