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Do you want a real orgasm tonight I Wanting Real Dating

Wants Sexual Partners

Do you want a real orgasm tonight

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White or mixed, 5'6' or taller.

Age: 55
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Look For Horny People
City: Sheffield
Hair: Black
Relation Type: Large Woman Love For Fwb

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New loves, break-ups, long-term coupledom and parenthood Besides your shared victory?

This success bodes well for the next romp, and the next. Contrary to how orgasms happen in the movies simultaneously, and 36 seconds into the first time a wang has sexreal-life Os can take practise.

Another known O killer?

Your anxious inner monologue. Am I moving the right way?

How does my tummy look? Getting out of your head and zeroing in on how hot this experience is — and how sexy your partner finds you — is key.

Or lose yourself in the rhythmic motions — a new study eant Northwestern University discovered that they create an altered state of consciousness in your brain, putting you in a sexual trance of sorts that can make it easier to climax. The sexiest part about being in a relationship?

Wanting Sexual Dating

Your bond lays the groundwork for awesome Os. You can give yourself permission to experience your full brand of sexuality in all its power!

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Time to mix things up! Want another challenge? Hey, hottie from happn.

Go ahead and try new-to-you ways to get off. This is also a perfect time to put yourself first and shoot tnight multiple orgasms.

Pregnancy may have thrown your physiology off. But your O and intimacy with your partner still matter. Pregnancy stretches ligaments around your reproductive organs, which could alter the sensations.

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Lube is crucial; new mums need extra since a postpartum drop in oestrogen may cause vaginal dryness. Emotionally, a new baby — and adjusting to your body — can make getting in the mood a challenge. orgasj

Do you want a real orgasm tonight I Looking Sex Meeting

Some advice: Make yourself feel sexy with new lingerie, a blow-dry or a candlelit bedroom. And be goal-oriented about your O: Do This.

Like Calvin Harris, orgasms get better with age. In fact, 70 per cent of women in tonighy 40s and 50s had one last time they had sex, compared to 61 per cent of to year-olds, says a Journal of Sexual Medicine study.

Blame a decline in oestrogen and testosterone, which affect arousal and lubrication. Pelvic floor muscles also weaken over time, so Os could feel shorter and less intense. To speed things along, try fantasising before sex, suggests sex educator Dr Barbara Keesling.

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Visualising a particular person and lots of detail works best, she says. Also helpful: Regular exercise could also lead to a quicker climax as it gets blood flowing. Getty Images.

Here are 14 more mind blowing facts about orgasms