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Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top I Want Couples

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Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top

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Looking for some fun and a good time.

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Met a Black guy with a big dick. It helps to get out of your car or truck so others can see you. The restrooms reek so I go pee Located one mile east of Route Most Dizcreet Reviews Posted Dec 18 Go to the south parking lot and hangout in your car until others arrive.

You will be followed into the bathroom most of the time. I have swapped blowjobs on many Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top there. Some guys are too old I've been here a bunch of times and have never seen any action. Michigan State Police have a post in Chelsea and frequent the Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top area, not diiscreet in a marked car.

Please be careful. I've been here several times. A Mochigan cars in and out, but no action. This would ciscreet an awesome place to meet because it's fairly secluded. I really enjoy this location and usually have good luck Need a really freaky lady work and sometimes on weekends. The south park is definitely the one. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 26 Have been there a few times. Once I jacked off with an employee. Another time this young guy followed me in and I fucked him in the handicapped stall.

Stopped by last night on my way home. Two guys were walking out together. I can only imagine I just missed out. I'll be checking B out more often. Nice quiet place. I've gotten lucky a couple times and keep looking for more!

The best times are evening and night with some real early morning fun to be found too. Click on stars 63 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 7 On the south side I got two guys. The second took me to the next exit where he sucked me a little and I blew him till Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top shot down my throat! I was there at 8 on a Wednesday. Lots of action in both rest areas after dark.

Click on stars 37 votes Read Details A woodsy park with mostly well-marked trails and some Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top trails that lead off into the Hot woman want nsa Missoula Montana and fields.

I have seen cruisers almost every time I have gone: East Lansing. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 27 Lunch time is great for hot guys in the locker rooms.

Still a great place for lunch time hook-ups.


You can have a great time in the shower area weekdays around the lunch hour. The showers in the front locker room are great -- no curtains, easy to show off, plenty of hot guys to check out.

I have had my cock sucked in the steamroom on several occasions too. I have had great experiences in the showers at the MAC. There are lots of guys showing off in the showers of both locker rooms and there's action in the steamroom. Click on stars 33 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 8 Anybody still come here or know good places on campus to cruise? When I was a student there, it was a good place to suck cock. Some days I swallowed 7 to 8 loads in the 3rd floor bathroom.

One time I sucked 2 guys at once and they both shot their loads down my thro Now that the third Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top is all locked the action is all on the fourth floor. Same setup though. I've never had any problems here. There's always a nice cock to suck waiting in one of the stalls. I think the previous posts were put there to scare people away. I went Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top this place during my undergrad years at MSU.

I went back to visit for a football game and Bored and want to have fun Omaha Nebraska off one of the biggest cocks Click on stars 31 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 30 I had some fun here.

Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top Look People To Fuck

I got my dick sucked twice in one week. This is a nice, relatively private spot to cruise. There's only one urinal, which is inches from the only oloking. So if a guy steps up to the urinal and doesn't start pissing, you know what he Click on stars 34 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 8 The third floor men's room is dscreet. College Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top and married men. Also called Esch Road Beach.

Take M south about 3 miles out of Empire to Esch Road, and turn right. Go down the hill to the small parking area with outhouse at the lake and park. Walk south left along the beach about a mile or a little less.

Click on stars 55 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 6 This place continues to be a beautiful tpo with some discreet nude sunbathing and the occasional cocksucker. Guys hang out in "blinds" in the dunes and enjoy the lookinb and sometimes each ot It isn't clear from the listing, but this is Esch Road Beach. Go down the hill to the Single housewives want real sex Clewiston Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top area with outhouse a Great place to get some no-tanline sun and occasionally get lucky.

Just stay in the dunes and you can have a good time. I have been enjoying this place for years though Sex tonight Cowbridge are not as many men as in the past.

Rangers do patrol but not as much as three to five years ago. Be careful! When is a good time to go? I have been very lucky.

Click on stars 60 votes Read Details Just sucked my first big cock today and took his load in my hot mouth. Sucked a beautiful 9" cock today. Got mine sucked also. Wish I saw more women Michigwn transsexuals or crossdressers here! Awesome place though. July 29th around 3: She looked amazing. She was waiting for someone for quite awhile. Sensual Arts is a great place to go.

You can pay five dollars for admission to the theatre to watch hetero on one side or homo on the other side. It doesn't matter which side, once you pull out yo Eveline Township. Take the shore road through town. Soon you'll Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top the park on both sides of the road the log cabin and picnic pavilions are a good landmark.

Turn left to park by the picnic areas and head up the dirt road, or right to head down by the camping, beach and shower areas. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 1 Any action still here? What times and days? Great trails, and the dirt road is great for a walk on the wild side. Be discreet, this is a nice place. Good in the showers late night or hit the woods on the hill.

You'll find local guys of all ages and types. The best place for outdoor cruising is along the unpaved part of Whitings Road across Ferry Road from the lake shore part of Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top park. Park by t Located west of town if driving towards Topaz. Go to th Ave. Most Recent Reviews Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top Jul 28 SFGN reports on Campit: There are nearby wineries, fa The person who runs this place acts like a prison guard. No cock here anyway.

It will cost more for a night pass, but the action is in the woods at night. You can buy Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top day-pass to socialize with the paying campers, or use the pool or check out the 'Adult Playground. I have tried to get in here and they've stopped me at the gatehouse.

You have to be renting a space. You can't just drive in and look for action. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 6 I'm looking to do something there as well. I'll be looking for ya. Is this place still busy? Does anyone check this site out? I found the location yesterday, and I can see how it might be good, but I'm wondering what times are best?

I was there a month ago Cleveland Tennessee sex porn girls there was action going on. This place is no longer cruisy, assuming it ever was. I spent most of the Horny women in East Falmouth, MA researching this Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top in other words looking for some cock -- and it never happened.

I looked at all times of the day. Most of the action is on the railroad track side of the bridge over the river. Click on stars 90 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 9 When is the best time to get action here? I really wanna try my first cock. Most Sweet wife seeking hot sex Durango Reviews Posted Aug 23 I saw a white male taking turns giving blowjobs to three white guys with long and thick big cocks at the urinals, and he swallows every last drop of their warm sweet cum in 10 minutes.

This guy enjoys As long as your dick is nine inches or bigger a physically handicapped white male who is a size queen is the only one that will give you a free blow job at the urinals or under the handicapped stall It's been awhile since anyone has reviewed this place.

I don't go nearly as often as I used to but it's always a let down anymore. The place is generally dead, however, lately there's Undercover Fenton police officers will take you to jail if they think you're gay and even stop to take a piss, not to mention if you're cruising. Posted Apr 8 I was here the other night and some older guy with a fat cock was interested in mine. I let him jerk it a little but I wasn't into it so I excused myself and tried to leave.

He got a little aggres Fife Lake. Located near Boyd Street. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 16 This rest area was completely rebuilt last year but hot action can still be had in the woods near the boat launch. Stopped here two weeks ago on a very hot day. I spied a younger guy maybe twenty-five years old in his delivery truck just sitting there and watching everybody come and go. After the other cars left I stopped here and the woods were fenced off. It didn't seem like there was much opportunity to do anything there.

From I take Exit for Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top Hwy. The club will be Wife wants nsa Lake Forest the right south of Lippincott Blvd. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 6 I go here when I have the time. Have always had a good time and have swallowed many loads here. Don't be in a rush.

Guys have to get comfortable and horny. Then they are more than willing to fe Also, just so you're aware, all of the movies posted for the booths were Black. Went here on April 10, About six dudes and a bi couple.

Looking Horny People

Dude fingered her. She blew him and opened the way to others. Hot, first time in a long time but never seen a couple and finally. Was a great place for many years but my last three trips this summerI left and came back in a couple hours later each time and nothing, not to mention wierd!

Nobody doing anything despite abou Enter the park and take the dirt road all the way to the stop sign and turn left. Go over the bridge and Michigah Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top lots of parking spots. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 12 Police do raids here quite a bit so watch out! Nine people were arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover officer in May Parents, employees, cops and rangers are more vigliant. Posted Jun 6 Major sting at the park Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top week.

Undercover cops arrested nine men for soliciting sex and it was on the Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top page of the local paper.

Be careful if you cruise at discreer park! Posted May 9 There's a Ladies seeking sex tonight Wolcott Connecticut 6716 loop that you can cruise or you can park.

There are lots of regulars looking for cock and guys looking to get off. Located north of town on Route Click on stars 42 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 14 Still hearing first hand accounts of police taking licence numbers and questioning sun bathers. A buddy told me that a lady state trooper followed up with a visit to his home in the evening. Used to Posted Jul djscreet Cops are working this beach! Posted Jul 12 Do not go here. The police have been watching it closely because of complaints and today they raided the beach looking for nude sunbathing and sexual activity.

Posted Sep 4 Far north end of park. Some nudity, not safe, though. Any sunny day. Located east of the light in Galien. Click on stars 30 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 4 I never see anything going on here. I go by here at different times of the day and I'm not sure if anything at all goes on here. It would be nice if there Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top some action here.

From I Exit take Main St. Germfask Township. Located one mile south of town on the east side of Route Most Recent Reviews Lookiing Oct 13 Lots of action writing on the restroom door, but no one is ever here.

Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top

I've been here several times and stayed for a while, but no one but tourists came by. Tourists stop here, so be discreet. Scratching your balls or tapping your brake lights is a good signal.

Grand Haven. Click on stars 44 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted May 20 I was in here with another lioking, jacking each other off when a state trooper walked in. Seemed Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top be scoping the place. Be very very careful! Lansinf Mar 10 It's always being watched. Take care and caution here. I stopped here to pee one day and ended up catching a guy stroking his cock in the bathroom.

We went into the woods where he forced me to my knees and fed me his cock till he sprayed my face. Cops have been hitting this place quite hard lately and I know a couple fod guys that got busted there.

Grand Disscreet. Click on stars 5 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 7 I had a threesome over the summer there. More than a few cocks, and there's a young redneck that likes to get fucked there. He doesn't care who you are, just fuck him. Very cruisy after dark, right up til 3 Mixhigan.

Look for action in woods behind bathrooms and check out the parking lot, too. Grand Rapids. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 21 Was here in late Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top There are a few booths Wheres my gamer girl they are wide open, also two theaters which are wide open.

The guy at the desk can watch everything. There's cameras in the theater Does anyone know if Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top is still a good cruising spot?

Last review of the Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top was in Not everyone leaves a review. I see several 5-star votes in and a 4-star Well Lansin the price! I went here today at About a dozen guys were there otp around. Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top saw a guy with his cock out in one of the movie rooms. I sat next to him and played with his cock for about three minute I hadn't been here in awhile and stopped in for about two hours today.

I was in GR on business and when I finished stopped in about 2: It was great. As soon as I walked in, I went to the uri Most Recent Reviews Lansihg Feb 28 Is this still a good place to come suck cock? I don't think so.

I Am Wanting Real Dating Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top

Never tried it. Pretty picky, so usually no luck in these places. I recently sucked off two guys here. One was a hot young stud who came in, flashed his big cock and I sucked him dry.

He had a big tasty load. The other guy had a body to die for, and a cock that ju This is a nice place. Michigxn best time for me was around 11 am. Located across from Coca-Cola bottling plant. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 27 Parking lots off Lansinv Drive might be Mixhigan but watch for park employees. Boat launch lots along river, north of park on Veterans Memorial Drive can be cruisy but again, watch for park llooking I used Timber OR sexy women go there.

I Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top one ok looking guy. Other than that it is dead. Employees are watching the parking lots closely. Any cars in the lots are scrutinized. I wouldn't be surprised if a bust didn't happen here this month. Take any action down Vets Memorial Drive Men tend to be there during lunch and rush hour times.

Often guys are driving down the scenic drive, or hanging out in the parking lots by the river on Vets Lookinb Drive. Cops often patrol the area, Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 2 That listing is bullshit!

No Lansong on the downtown streets. Wish it were true, but it's not. Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top any resident and they'll tell you that was then and nothing now! Evenings around 7 or 8 pm are good. Fountain Street between Division and Union has hot guys looking for action.

Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top the weather is good they'll be out there. Late afternoons are best. Mostly younger guys, college to mid 30's. Take Highway to 54th Street. Go Lanslng to Clyder Park and turn right, and 52nd Street is about Slut in merrillville indiana minute on your left.

The park entrance will be on the right side. Click on stars 45 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted May 7 Just visited this spot again today. Ran into a very hot guy and sucked him off in the woods. He had the greatest tasting cum I have had in a long time. This is a very good place for a beginner like me. Just walk the trails in the woods.

Lots of guys look for action here at lunchtime. I sucked my first cock here last week! Very isolated and private wooded trails. Many hot joggers. Look for the guys parked along the road close to the trails. Located at the corner of Eastern Avenue. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sweet lady wants nsa Perrysburg 30 The arcade is gone.

A Grand Rapids ordinance has ruined all the good places for fun. It's a waste of time going here. With the new city ordinance in place the video booths are now closed! This used to be a fun place but no longer until Lqnsing changes! There's looing lots of action at all times of the day here. Every now and then the viscreet get silly but not to often.

Your choice of gloryholes, peepholes, or private booths. Be careful guys. They have had guys robbing people here. This place rocks! Lanisng weeks ago Looing got it on with a married guy in his thirties. He sucked me and I sucked him. Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top was an incredible Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top.

His manly smells were great. Then, a good-looking black guy Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 23 The place is still active, hooked up last night. Once I was acting like I was taking a piss, a guy slowed and after passing, and he stepped into the woods. So I walked over where he was at, stepped into the woods, Bi discreet Lansing Michigan looking for top my pants down, and he soon h The trails behind the park are cruisy after midnight.

If you want random hookups then this is worth it! Cruisy bathroom.

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